My Story

My name is Lauren. I am a wife, mother of two, licensed Esthetician, Makeup Artist and artisan. I have always had a passion for makeup, skincare and more recently baby and children’s products (organic & eco friendly of course).

Shortly after my son turned two he became very sick. A few months later he was diagnosed with OMS (Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome) along with Stage 1 Neuroblastoma which is a rare children’s cancer. After my son had surgery to remove his tiny tumor, I gave birth to my daughter, Kameron. Thankfully my son avoided serious and invasive treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation thanks to an early diagnosis, but he is still on a long road to recovery with OMS. My son’s illness has inspired me to start Free Love Beauty.

Free Love Beauty started as a blog, and has formed into a small business where I carefully craft my own Organic body oils by hand in small batches. They range from sparkling Illuminating Oils to calming and soothing oils that can be used on face, body and hair with the finest ingredients. I pour my heart and soul into my potions, and truly hope you enjoy. Our handcrafted products are proudly made in the charming town of Redlands, CA.