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A couple of weeks ago I finally got around to getting some shots of my illuminating potions working their magic in the California sunshine so I can give you babes a better idea of my favorite places to use them and why they blow your everyday lotion/moisturizer out of the water! 😉 I truthfully do not use ANY creams, moisturizers or lotions on my skin anymore at all. High quality oils have made my skin so healthy and youthful that there is no looking back now, and I highly recommend jumping on the bandwagon babes! Now I know that highlighters are all the rage and don’t get me wrong I developed my illuminating oils because I wanted to make something beautiful and sparkly to the eye, but the most important part of my potions are the oils I use in them. The oils I use are certified organic and serve major purposes. While they shimmer and sparkle, they also fight aging (big time), hydrate, refine, tone and restore your skin to the best it can be! Certified organic Grapeseed Oil hydrates and restores your skin while Organic Rosehip Oil is a dry oil which prevents your potion from feeling overly greasy and tones your skin as well! These oils are the power couple for my illuminating oils and your skin loves them!

Thanks to my photographer friend Maverick of @mavericksphotos on Insta (check him out!) and my bestie Cady we collected a few beautiful shots of how healthy my illuminating oils make your skin look- I always aim for a refined and wearable sparkle and glow! Pictured above is Wildchild which is a reflective turquoise sparkle and the sparkles are so fine that this potion also makes for a great primer before makeup or blending in with your favorite loose mineral foundation to make it your own dewy summery tinted moisturizer! My next post will show you exactly how to do that and the results are stunning!! As always be sure to prep your skin with a good sunscreen beforehand-super important babes!!

Above we used our warm Sunchild Illuminating oil and you can see the bronze cast it has on the skin, it’s truly THE summertime must-have beauty product! What is unique about this oil is that I use my own signature honey gold sparkle blend that not only illuminates but it also evens out the skin tone which makes for an ultra flattering result! Sunchild is still my best seller to date, it’s just so damn flattering. My mind is always working on new developments and my newest potion, Flowerchild, has been a  long time in the making. It’s my most bold and fun oil I would say and I’m so excited to finally share it with all you babes!

Flowerchild is a duo-chrome iridescent lavender gem that is just so much fun and gives so much impact when used on the cheekbones to highlight or the décolletage because the duo chrome just makes it so bold yet wearable at the same time. I’m in love with this gem and so excited to finally get it in the SHOP! Did I mention that ALL of our potions are now available in .25 oz. travel sizes so you can take your “glow on the go” with you! I’ve had so many inquiries about producing smaller sizes and I’m so happy to finally have them available for you guys. It truly is the best way to try a few different shades when your torn between which one to get and we’ve had such a great response with them! 🙂 Plus, they are just the cutest to throw in your makeup bag!!

I’m also currently working on how-to videos to show you babes my personal favorite ways to use my potions and keep you up to date on your newest releases! Ice Queen will be our newest release hopefully within the next couple of weeks and let me tell you it’s the most stunning cool-toned highlighter ever!! I’m also working on a possible limited edition oil and a super fun collaboration with Modern Minerals is right around the corner so stay tuned for that as well! I cannot thank all of you enough for all the support and love for my growing business, I put everything into making these the absolute best for you!! You can browse all of our full size and travel size potions in the SHOP now!! 🙂



If you have followed my blog and/or Instagram (@freelovebeauty) for awhile you know that True Botanicals is my go-to when it comes to skin care. For the past couple of years I have been a slave to their Pure Radiance Oil and more recently incorporated their Vitamin C powder and Cellular Repair Serum into the mix and my skin has never looked better. You can see my reviews of their skincare here and here. I’m also a fan of their hair care and body care products which I have mentioned here. So when True Botanicals sent me their travel set of their new travel line of hair and body products and their lotion in the new scent “Grove” I was beyond excited. True Botanicals always gets me pumped with their scents because they are completely clean and  always smell so earthy and fresh!

What I appreciate about the particular travel sizes above any others that I’ve tried is that they are super luxe and sturdy, which make them ideal for travel because they don’t leak and the sleek stainless steel packaging helps them withstand any bumpy travel conditions. Each are 2 oz. bottles of their Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner, and their Nourishing Body Wash and Lotion.  Each bottle has a tight-fitting cap on them and you can seriously just throw them in your bag if you wanted to and they will NOT leak whatsoever which is an awesome plus for me. I have used all of these up until the last drop since I bounce around for my business and love my Palm Springs getaways with my girls ;). I just really love the fact that True Botanicals has made it so easy to stay clean and green when your on the go, and in the most chic way of course! Their travel sizes run $11 each which is a steal for how long they last. If you purchase them all together at once you are set for when you are due for a getaway!!

As for the Nourishing Lotion in “Grove”? Well it’s everything I could ever want in a body lotion with the cleanest of ingredients and the earthiest of scents. Described as a “light, woodsy, citrus scent” I would have to agree because it contains sandalwood and patchouli oils which are my absolute favorites!! No joke babes, I’m a total hippie at heart and these kind of scents are my jam! The bottle is 8 Oz. and comes in their standard sleek stainless packaging and the lotion itself is ultra-creamy and keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day. One thing I’ve learned about clean lotions is that you need to take the time to rub them into your skin since they don’t have any synthetic ingredients or emulsifiers they take a minute to rub in so just keep that in mind! 🙂 This gem retails at $42, and a little goes a long way babes!

If you search “True Botanicals” on this site you will see how much I truly stand by these products as I have tried almost everything in their line and adore it all. You can also head over to to shop everything I mentioned above and check out their amazing skin care products as well! Fell free to CONTACT me with any questions about True Botanicals. Happy Wednesday green babes!


I am SO excited to finally tell you all about my new go-to, must-have Juicy Bamboo facial cleaning cloths by Kaia Naturals. This is exciting for me to share because until now I hadn’t found a completely nontoxic makeup wipe that worked for me at all. And let me just start by saying that this is not meant to JUST remove makeup, it’s a cleanser and toner as well and I love using these for all of those tasks. I have been using these cloths every night for about a month and I wanted to specifically try them for a good amount of time to see if I could tell the difference from your basic makeup “wipe”. Well the answer is yes, these high quality cloths are completely different than the standard wipe and they are changing the game in the green beauty industry in a big way. This cloth isn’t just a makeup remover, it’s doing work!

Kaia Naturals was born in the U.S. and designed in Canada. Their cloths are harvested from unbleached bamboo natural fibers (so cool!) and therefore have a lower environmental impact than a standard wipe, and they are also 100% biodegradable!! The cloths are made in small batches, saturated in vitamins B12, C and E then soaked in quality grade citrus essential oils. The absolute best part though is the amazing blend of organic honey that is heated and liquified, and these cloths soak up every bit of the benefits. Honey is what keeps the skin soft, and not the stripped feel that many wipes leave you with. These cloths also contain jojoba and sunflower oil which removes impurities yet keeping the skin hydrated and balanced at the same time.

You guys I LOVE these cloths SO much. They are extremely soft and gentle on my skin and are soaked really well with all of the necessary ingredients, there is nothing worse than a dry makeup wipe, nothing! The citrus scent is absolutely intoxicating, you can tell the essential oils used are high quality. I find myself opening the case throughout the day just to smell them, it sounds weird but you will too once you try them!! The packaging is super impressive as the cloths are kept in a small case that you can actually open and close instead of the traditional flimsy flap that ensures a dry wipe in a few days. These cloths did not dry out whatsoever on me. As a makeup remover these were gentle and removed my face and eye makeup all with just one cloth very well. As a cleanser it’s invigorating because of the scent, I highly recommend cleansing with this is the AM, the citrus scent will help wake you up!! As a toner these were gentle and leave you feeling so fresh, your skin retains it’s moisture which is key in a good toner!! The absolute best things about these cloths? They have NO PARABENS, NO ALCOHOL, NO SULFATES, NO SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCE, and NO PETROLEUM PRODUCTS!!!



So each full size Juicy Bamboo container has 30 wipes in them which retail for $15.50, and they also offer a “box to go” which has 20 individually wrapped cloths that retails for $19.50. I love the idea of individually wrapped cloths so you can travel with them or simply toss them in your bag for after the gym or even just a mid-day refresh!! Now for the really exciting news, Kaia Naturals has so generously decided to provide one of my lucky readers with a one month supply (full size box) of juicy bamboo cloths!! The ***GIVEAWAY*** will be from today until Friday, June 26th and only available to U.S. and Canadian residents this time around. A huge THANK YOU to Kaia Naturals for offering this giveaway and I’m so excited to see what one of my reader’s thinks about these gems!! You can find all Juicy Bamboo products on

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I absolutely love a good at-home spa day. There is nothing quite like sipping some tea, slapping on a good face mask and taking a long hot bath with an amazing body scrub. So when the lovely ladies of Splurge Skincare sent me their amazing body scrub and lip balms to try out, I was more than happy to do so!!

Kara and Christine are both teachers residing in Boston who developed Splurge Skincare after a homemade body scrub was given as a Christmas gift, then the light bulb went off and Splurge was born. The ladies wanted to develop their own line that was all natural but didn’t compromise quality, something that shows people you don’t have to wait to go to a spa to treat yourself, you can indulge everyday with Splurge! Their products are simple, but made with high quality organic ingredients that your skin and lips will love!


“The Rub” Body Scrub: I cannot explain my love for this scrub, I just can’t. The scent I received is lemon but it also offered in almond and peppermint which I would love to try also. The first thing I love about this is the huge amount you get (12 oz. to be exact), the lemon scent is fresh and inviting, not synthetic as they use essential oils, and the texture of the fine sugar that melts perfectly with the high quality oils leaves my skin SO soft and smooth. This is going to give you a nice and gentle exfoliation and the oils used will keep your skin hydrated. This scrub is a must-have when it comes to shower time essentials and I also think this would make the perfect gift for anyone on any occasion! This scrub is made with love and safe, high quality ingredients, what’s not to love?! Retail: $27

Melted Buttah: Now I’m a sucker for this stuff because it’s a multi-tasker, you can use it on your lips, cuticles, rashes, anywhere that needs a little repair! The star ingredients are Babassu, Raspberry Seed and Calendula Oil that work together to heal. I really love this on my lips but it also is amazing on the cuticles, my hands look so healthy after applying this! Retail: $10

Tinted Lip Buttah: This little gem is just so convenient, it provides intense moisture to my lips while giving me a subtle sheer wash of color that it perfect for when I’m in a rush or need a bit of color throughout the day! This is offered in three shades, “Fling”, “In Love” and “Going Steady.” I received “Fling” which is a darker plummy shade that I usually don’t gravitate towards but the color is subtle enough that I pulled it off no prob! Did I mention these babies hydrate? The texture is super creamy and they use their go-to Babassu Oil to keep the lips super moisturized. Retail: $7

You can find these treats at and I highly recommend trying them out for personal indulgence and/or heartfelt gifts for friends and family, you cannot go wrong! Hope you are all having an amazing week free birds!!



It’s no secret that I have a serious obsession with Pacific Skincare by True Nature Botanicals. I mean, this product line has completely transformed my skin in a month’s time, and I keep getting the privilege to try even more of what they have to offer and my skin is loving every bit of it. Many of you know from my previous Pacific post here, that their Balancing Face Oil, Face Mist and Exfoliating Cleanser are everyday staples of mine, but this post is all about two new additions that have made my way into my daily and weekly routine, and I’m beginning to think that there isn’t one thing Pacific I wouldn’t like!!

Pacific Exfoliating Moisture Mask: I have been on a real exfoliating kick lately and trying to seriously spread the word about just how important it really is in a skincare routine, it’s essential!! I began using the Pacific Exfoliating Moisture Mask about two weeks ago now in hopes of finally finding a mask that exfoliates well but doesn’t strip my skin dry, and boy have I found it in this little beauty!! The absolute key ingredients in this mask are lactic acid and avocado butter, which in my opinion make the best team. The lactic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid that removes dead skin cells without irritating the skin while avocado butter ensures your skin stays soft and hydrated during exfoliation, it’s brilliant! This mask also makes it easy to squeeze into a busy routine, simply massage into clean, dry skin and leave on for 2-5 minutes (shorter time for sensitive skin) then remove with warm washcloth. You may use this once or twice weekly (I use twice cuz I love it so). After you remove this mask you will notice an immediate glow to your skin, which means it’s done it’s job and exfoliated all the dead skin cells away leaving you with soft, radiant and hydrated skin. This makes is an absolute must- serious, luxurious exfoliation in under five minutes?? Yes please! Retail: $90

IMG_3249Pacific Everyday Sheer Coverage: This little gem is unlike anything I’ve ever tried before. The coverage is really sheer (hence the name) but it evens out my skin tone beautifully, gives me broad spectrum UV protection (SPF 20), and provides a smooth matte finish that keeps me looking polished throughout the day. And you don’t have to worry about any chemicals with this sunscreen, it’s made with non-nano zinc oxide which I definitely appreciate! This product is a no brainer for me, I apply every morning no matter what I’m doing so I have my sun protection covered, then If I want more coverage I simply add some foundation on top, this makes for an amazing primer!! It is offered in two shades, light and medium and actually adjusts to your skin tone quite well, as I have used them on clients a few times. It blends in well, isn’t streaky and has become a fast favorite of my face coverage options in the morning!! Oh, and don’t be too concerned with breakouts from this, I have very acne prone skin and haven’t had any issues at all! Remember free birds, sun protection is a MUST, protect yourself from skin cancer and aging in one simple step with this gem!! Retail: $58

So here is the fun part, Pacific and I have teamed up with an amazing promo code for my amazing readers which will be good until the end of Wednesday, July 10th. If you purchase an Exfoliating Moisture Mask you will receive a FREE 1/4 oz. travel size face oil ($30 value) when you enter FREELOVEGLOW upon checkout!! The face oil is the exact thing you want to apply after exfoliating so the nutrients can absorb into your skin effectively!! You can shop all Pacific Skincare by True Nature Botanicals at, and if you have any questions regarding any of these products or ingredients please don’t hesitate to contact me!! Hope your all having an amazing week free birds!