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Many of my readers and followers know all about my son Landon and his health issues we have battled and continue to battle. If you are new to my blog, you can  click on OMS in the menu it will give you a detailed background about my son. OMS is a tricky syndrome, it hides beneath the surface and reappears when Landon gets a common cold or even when he is really tired. Although I haven’t seen any symptoms for about a year since he got his tumor removed and began monthly doses of steroids, the fear I have is always there. Some of the challenges I have been facing lately as a mom is the fear of what I can’t control, fear of the unknown, and learning to accept the fact that my son will never be “normal”. Many parents of children with special needs or syndromes and disorders say that you will go through a mourning period when your child gets diagnosed, and it’s true. You mourn the “loss” of the way your child was, and learn to accept the future and the obstacles you will face. Now I’m going to get really raw here for a minute and say how tired I am of hearing people say, “well it could be worse.” I mean that is such an audacious thing to say to a mother who has been through basically a war zone with her child, in and out of hospitals, and even questioned the mortality of her own child she gave birth to not that long ago. The truth is that I KNOW it could be much worse, because I’ve seen worse, being in and out of a hospital I have been faced with worse and it shook me to my core. When I take Landon to the oncologist every couple of months I see what some people’s reality is, children with ports and getting their chemo while my son runs around free as a bird. While I sit in the waiting room I look around, and I notice it is overflowing with sick kids, literally some have to wait outside because there is no more room, what the hell is wrong with this picture? Why does it seem like cancer is becoming an epidemic? Anyways, this is the whole point of my blog as you all know, to help everyone reduce the risk of serious illnesses by reducing the toxins in their home, food and beauty routine! Here are a few random favorite pictures of Landon, time sure does fly!!

It was so crazy looking through all of those pictures and seeing him grow! I didn’t really include too many from when he was two, because he was sick most of that time and I just didn’t capture too much of it on camera. Back to my point above, the truth is I am SO grateful that Landon is stable and doing well, but I still wouldn’t wish this reality on my worst enemy. It has been alomst a year since my little man had his tumor removed so he had a routine urine analysis last week to make sure another tumor had not returned. I felt sick all weekend, that familiar feeling I had when Landon was in the hospital. All my fears were coming back to the surface and I felt helpless, suffocated and broken down all over again. My husband and parents would reassure me but nothing breaks the state of mind your in when you are waiting for lab results, nothing. Landon’s urine came back good so he continues to be stable and we are hoping to ween him off of steroids in about four months, with hope that his OMS symptoms do not return!! This blog has turned out to be such an amazing outlet for me to vent about my frustrations, hopes, fears but mostly turn my son’s syndrome into something positive, and to remind everyone to spread the positive vibes because you never know what someone is going through underneath the surface!

For more information on OMS syndrome visit where you can also donate to help find a cure for this rare disease!! I also want to thank my faithful followers, readers and great friends I have made for the constant love, support and positivity you all give- it means more then you will ever know!! Peach & love always!!!


For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Beautycounter brand yet I am here to fill you in! After lots of research and trying a handful of their products I decided to become a consultant, and for very good reason! Beautycounter is on a mission, and that mission is to get safe products into the hands of everyone, which I can definitely appreciate! While researching, I have learned through Beautycounter that “companies are allowed to use known toxins, ingredients that have been linked to cancer, reproductive issues and hormone disruption without telling us.” There is so much wrong with that the fact that companies can do this, so the fact that Beautycounter is completely non-toxic, safe, and effective made it easy for me to decide to represent this company! Below are some of my Beautycounter must haves! Enjoy!

Gentle Exfoliator Polishing Cream: A good exfoliator is a must for me and this one is loaded with jojoba beads(no nasty plastic beads here!)organic coconut oil, aloe and a mix of botanical extracts. And that light citrus scent is courtesy of essential oils, no synthetic fragrances!! It’s gentle enough for everyday use for me! Win win! Price: $30

Rosewater Uplifting Spray: I spray this on my face after I cleanse for a refreshing boost for my skin. It consists of organic rose essence and purified water and gives my skin a fresh glow. I keep it in my bag so I have it throughout the day! Price: $32

Countertime Radiance Firming Complex: a creamy serum that combats wrinkles and discoloration. My grandmother is obsessed with this and uses it day and night. Standout ingredients are ginger root extract to fight redness and irritation, hydrolyzed algin, chorella vulgaris and algae marine to hydrate. Perfect for those who want to start an anti-aging routine naturally! Price: $60

Protect SPF 30 All Over & Face Sunscreen: BEST sunscreen ever. Formulated with non-nano zinc oxide (no oxybenzone here!!) and includes aloe vera to hydrate and green tea extracts to supply antioxidants. Many sunscreens are ridden with chemical and toxins such as oxybenzone that may cause more harm then good. Protect SPF is an absolute must have for me and my family!! Price: $26 (all over), $34 (face)

“Twig” Lip Sheer: Is a best seller and a perfect wearable nude lipstick. It doesn’t make you look washed out and instead of nasty synthetic fragrances or petroleum, it consists of plant based ingredients like jojoba esters and is fragranced with natural vanilla extract from Madagascar!! Price: $28

If you have any questions about Beautycounter products or if you would like personal recommendations from me based on your skin type, just click on CONTACT and send me and e-mail or fill out the message box! Beautycounter also offers face and body oils, bath, body, shave cream and bath products just for kids as well!! Or, you can shop freely at


I am sooo excited to finally share my blog with you all! I have put my heart and soul into this and am so looking forward to building connections and frienships within this amazing industry, I have already met some amazing people on Instagram! A quick background on me, I am a wife, mom of two, licensed esthetician and non toxic makeup artist. Click on “MY STORY” for a little more background on me and my life!

Last year my son, Landon, was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder called OMS and he is my inspiration for starting Free Love Beauty. The sudden illness of my son has made me determined to create the most non toxic lifestyle as possible. I am learning so much about the “green” world and am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and learning more from others in this beautiful and positive industry. On that note I just want to take a moment to remind everyone that this blog is a positive space and I want everyone to uplift, empower and share their knowledge with eachother! Please no negativity here!

My goal as a licensed esthetician is to address questions and concerns about individual skin types, give in depth product reviews and show that non toxic and organic beauty can be just as effective (if not more effective) then mainstream products ridden with chemicals!! I will also throw in some lifestyle and nutrition, and some slices of my son’s journey with OMS to help raise awareness about this rare neurological disorder.  Now, lets begin… free, love and nourish your skin!! Nice to meet you FREE BEAUTIES!!!!