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As much as I adore makeup, as a licensed esthetician my first love and priority is skincare and keeping it healthy in the most nontoxic way possible. I’ve been wanting to write a post for the longest time about how I keep my skin healthy from the inside and some of my secrets that give me some serious glow. A few weeks ago I turned 31 and I must say, I get compliments on my skin daily about how glowy it is and am often told I look like I’m in my twenties. Now I’m not saying that to be conceited by any means (though I do take great pride in my skin), I’m telling you this because the tips I am about to give you are easy to achieve for the everyday woman. Healthy, glowing skin is NOT just about slapping on the most expensive serum you can find and calling it a day. Healthy skin is a lifestyle, a balance you must find with the food you intake, the supplements you may try and the water you drink- it all plays a vital role in your skin’s health. For me, I noticed the biggest change after I started juicing.


To be quite honest juicing was always intimidating to me. I mean, who has the time for all that? I found myself spending $30-$40 a week at my local health food store on organic juices because my body just started craving them and it became a way of life for me. Hey, it’s SO much better then spending money on a daily coffee right?! Still though I knew I had to make a change and start juicing at home for my kids too. So we swooped up a much more affordable option (Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor) in case we found ourselves not using it or not liking it, then I figured we can always step it up when we want. Needless to say so far I LOVE it, and it’s the perfect starter juicer for me. The reason I highly suggest juicing to achieve your healthiest skin is because fresh juice is the best form of much needed antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and enzymes that protect your skin from inflammation, aging and assist in detoxification in your body which leads to that glow we all desire! I must emphasize that FRESH juice has the most potent amount of vitamins and nutrients, the organic bottled juices you often see are great options, though not as potent as fresh juice!! My favorite fruits and veggies to juice are beets, apples, ginger, lime, lemon, kale, carrots, parsley, celery and many more! The possibilities are endless with the combinations you can make and your skin will LOVE you for it!!










Water is an obvious essential for healthy, hydrated skin and we use this filter and love it. This type of filter is actually an alkaline reverse osmosis filter and “guaranteed to remove up to 99% of all contaminants, such as chlorine, taste, odor, toxic fluoride, arsenic, lead, and chromium. ” Now I know there always seems to be controversy with water filters and alkaline water etc. etc but I personally have had this filter for almost 3 years and love it. If your not into the whole alkaline water thing I also like Berkley Water Filter Systems, I have their shower filter and love, love, LOVE it!! Water filters are an investment that are 100% worth it, and in order for your skin to look and stay youthful, hydration is key!!

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3600_7-baseNow supplements are a touchy subject sometimes but again, this is what works for me and my skin and perhaps your skin too! I’ve definitely seen results in my skin by taking Wild Salmon Oil. My skin is plumper and has a healthy glow rather then when I don’t take it. I know a lot of people take some type of fish oil but I must remind you to check your labels. My favorite brand for my salmon oil is New Chapter because, “our whole fish oil is 100% Sustainably Caught Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil that is fresh-pressed—no isolating of single Omegas, no fractionation and no heavy or high heat processing.” I also like the small caplets for easy digestion. I also take probiotics just to keep my gut healthy and I firmly believe a healthy gut assists in balance throughout your entire body including the skin, and Garden of Life Women’s RAW Probiotic is my favorite. Lastly, taking Collagen Peptides for healthy skin, bones, hair and nails is widely popular now and I must say I jumped on that bandwagon and am loving the results!! Collagen makes your skin plumper and is meant to make everything a little stronger from your immune system to your nails and hair! I love it and you can find my favorite brand here, it’s the cleanest I have found.

Now it goes without saying that a clean diet and exercise assist in maintaining healthy and youthful skin, my tips are simply extra things I do that seem to make a huge difference in my skin’s appearance and my overall health! Simply said, I want to age gracefully and naturally, fillers and botox aren’t on my agenda while trying to maintain a nontoxic lifestyle. So for now, I’ll chug my juices and pop my salmon oil. 🙂 Any questions on these products I mentioned please feel free to contact me.


I am SO excited to have my best blogging friend Molly from do a guest post for me today, and on such an important topic that I have been wanting to share for awhile now! I recently told Molly about my awful experience buying a new rug that consumed our living room with off gasses and chemical fumes so I immediately returned it. That led to a conversation about toxins in our home and I knew Molly would be the absolute best person to do this post, she has so many great tips and is the research queen! lol Enjoy free birds!

Hi everyone! I’m beyond excited and so honored that Lauren asked me to write a guest post for Free Love Beauty. Lauren and I talk a lot about products that are safe to put on your body, but I have a little bit of a different post for you today, to help keep you healthy in every aspect. Did you know that indoor air pollution can be up to 8 times higher than outdoor air pollution (according to the EPA), and most of it has to do with products we use or bring into our homes? Bad indoor air quality can contribute to everything from asthma to migraines even cancer. Pretty crazy! The good news is that I have a few tips to keep some of the worst offenders out of your home and help protect you and your family.

Ditch the energy saving bulbs!

Wait, what? Yes, those twisty, “eco-friendly” bulbs pose a huge risk- to the environment and to you. These things may be long lasting but they’re filled with mercury which is very hazardous to the environment when they do inevitably kick the bucket and get tossed. Some areas have CFL recycling centers but many do not, unfortunately. They also do lots of damage while they’re in your home. Studies ( have found they release carcinogens like phenol, naphthalene and styrene when turned on, and they have been linked to things like higher rates of migraines and breast cancer. Oh and what if they happen to break while in your home? You should see the EPA’s guidelines for cleaning up this toxic hazard.(

Off-gassing furniture not looking so pretty!

There’s nothing better than making your place into a home and picking out new furniture to fill your space. Have you ever gotten that new couch home and noticed your living room having a slight odor? Not a bad odor- just kind of like a new car smell? New furniture off-gasses chemicals like nobody’s business and the first weeks and months it spends in your place, it’s filling your air (and lungs) with flame retardant particles, stain protectant chemicals, formaldehyde and microscopic pieces of the foam filling inside with is generally full of toxins like phthalates. One solution is to unwrap new furniture and place it in a well ventilated area outside the main living area for the first couple of weeks (like a garage). The more economical option is to use second-hand furniture, even if you have to have it reupholstered. It’s also wise to choose solid wood pieces over particle board, which release many toxins from the bonding that’s used to hold it together. That being said, I know this is a hard one to stick to. At the bare minimum try not to get a whole room full of new furniture at once and try to give adequate time for off-gassing before placing items in a child’s or baby’s room. (The same rules apply for most rugs)!


**We are loving this mid-century modern bench made by Their pieces are all custom made with reclaimed, raw wood and are absolutely beautiful. This is a perfect example of furniture that won’t “off-gas” into your home. Go with real, solid wood pieces!!**

Ewww that smell!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again (probably 1,000 times): Stop filling your home with scented candles, plug-in air fresheners and room sprays. Everyone from your pets to your children will thank you. Synthetic fragrance is a sneaky little devil because it comes packaged all nice and can smell of roses, literally. But dig a little deeper under that Caribbean Escape facade and you will find a host of dirty little secrets.. Neurotoxins, carcinogens, allergens and hormone disrupters can all hide in a single scent. I detailed even more dirty secrets on my previous post about fragrance ( Candles may be your worst choice considering that in addition to the added synthetic fragrance, most conventional candles are paraffin based and when burned studies ( have shown they release toluene and benzene and actually pollute your air even more.

SO what can you bring into your home?!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to live in a barren, dark little box to keep the toxins at bay! No matter how much you avoid them though, there will be some present in your home. They are a few things that can help!

-A good first step is to open the windows whenever possible and let the old stale air out and fresh air in. I know that you may not want to do that in the middle of February in Boston, but whenever the opportunity presents itself, make it a point to let some fresh air in. Simple enough right?!

-Adding plants to your home can actually help to cleanse the air and remove the pollutants. It’s natures way of cleansing the air. Here’s a list ( of some of the best plants for keeping the air clean (and there’s even some on there that I’ve managed to keep alive!).

phoenix_roebelenii**This is an Areca Palm (photo credit via and it filters toluene and xylene from the air. An indoor plant is always a good idea!!**

-For cleaning up odors in the air look to essential oils. Not only do they provide actual therapeutic benefits to you, but they also can help cleanse and disinfect your air while providing almost any scent you want. Oil diffusers and reed diffusers are both easy options to freshen your air at home.


**This Now Solutions Ultra Sonic Diffuser is a great option to diffuse oils in your home. It is affordable and works like a charm. Just make sure the essential oils you use are therapeutic grade which means there aren’t any fillers or synthetic fragrances in there!! Find this diffuser at

Hopefully this gets you started on cleaning up the air at home! Not as glamorous as the latest nontoxic makeup items, but just as vitally important to your health. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to email me at xo!