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Summer is pretty much here in SoCal and in my world that means making sure my skin has that extra glow to it! Getting that perfect glow isn’t just about slapping on that perfect highlighter and calling it a day, it’s about really maintaining your skin and prepping it correctly for the new season, and in my book that all begins with exfoliation. In my past I’ve always relied solely on my Clarisonic to exfoliate, but as soon as Blissoma Skincare sent me their Glow Good Earth Exfoliant Powder I just couldn’t get enough! It truly is the most natural way to exfoliate your skin, as they use high performance ingredients like organic oat kernel powder, bentonite, and organic brown rice ground up into a grainy powder. This gem is an absolute must in your summer rotation!


So you simply mix with a bit of water or your favorite cleanser and gently massage into skin to get the blood circulating, slough off the dead skin and really open up those pores!! Skin will be slightly red after you rinse but thats a good thing, it means the powder is doing its job and thats what is going to bring the glow! I recommend this powder for all skin types except broken skin or cystic acne because that can aggravate it further, but this is amazing for congested skin and especially those dealing with blackheads!! You can use this 2-3 times a week but I honestly use it once a day, I’m a huge advocate of keeping your skin exfoliated correctly so your face oils and creams can hydrate efficiently, which makes for a perfect canvas for makeup application. This gem retails for $40 and you can shop all Blissoma products at You can also check out more Blissoma reviews of mine here.

To celebrate the start of summer Blissoma is having their biggest sale of the year and are offering my followers and readers a major discount code, all you have to do is sign up here today, to receive the code via email and shop away!!

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Finding a nontoxic deodorant that actually performs isn’t the easiest task. I have tried A LOT and I have a few that i really like, though sometimes the convenience factor isn’t there. Meaning I have yet to find a nontoxic deodorant in a stick form that I LOVE….until now!! The ladies of Blissoma so kindly sent me their new scentless natural deodorant stick and after using it daily for two solid weeks I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. Before I get into why I love this so, lets briefly get into why mainstream deodorants are some of the most toxic products you can put on your body!

Ingredients to watch out for in your deodorant, according to,

Aluminum: Is a metal that is used in many deodorants to keep sweat from seeping into your pores. Although it may be effective at blocking sweat, it sure isn’t effective at keeping you healthy as it has been linked to breast cancer as well as an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Parabens: We hear this word so often and are now pretty familiar with this chemical preservative that has been linked to many hormonal cancers, organ toxicity and birth defects! This is truly no need for this in our products whatsoever!!

Propylene Glycol: Is a petroleum-based substance that helps give cosmetics a smoother consistency. Basically it helps the deodorant slide better but studies have shown that it can damage to your central nervous system-yuck!

Phthalates: Studies show that these can be major hormone disruptors as well as increase the likelihood of cell mutation. Phthalates are also used to create a “better” consistency in cosmetic products.

Triclosan: Is very common in mainstream deodorants and acts as the odor-killer. Triclosan is actually classified as a pesticide by the FDA and a probable carcinogen by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Now that we know what we DON’T want to see in our deodorant, let me get into my new favorite nontoxic option that Blissoma sent me to try. This toxin free unscented stick is a brand new formula that they created and let me just say, it actually works!

This toxin free natural deodorant stick is a brand new formula from Blissoma consisting of mango butter, zinc, bentonite clay and baking soda. They decided to make this scentless since many people can have irritations with essential oils, so this is the perfect deodorant to layer with your favorite solid perfume OR Blissoma also makes beautiful Natural Deodorant sprays in Citrus, Lavender or Juniper scents that are built to pair with the deodorant to keep the sweat and odor at bay!! It is the perfect combo!

I have been using this deodorant for about two weeks now and the first thing I noticed was the texture. It has a delicate balance of smoothness from using coconut, sunflower and castor oils yet the clay makes for insanely good sweat prevention. The clay was an interesting component that I haven’t seen in natural deodorants before and is what makes this a standout product for me. I appreciate the fact that there is no scent to this so that I can add my own scent, most body products I use are scentless anyways so that was no bother for me. We have been having some hot spells in SoCal lately so when I applied this deodorant in the morning, it kept me dry until late afternoon which is amazing in 90 degree weather, I was really impressed!! My husband, who has so kindly tried every single nontoxic deodorant I have brought home lol, also thinks this has been the best we have tried and most effective, and my hubby is quite the critic!! One thing to keep in mind is to wait quite a while after you shave before applying this to prevent any irritation!

So, if you decide to swoop up a Blissoma Deodorant stick and/or spray for $14.99 (or more), Blissoma has so kindly offered a free shipping code for you guys which is awesome!! I highly suggest the full size (2 oz.) deodorant stick paired with a deodorant spray, it’s the perfect combo for these upcoming warmer months and they keep you SO fresh and toxin free!! The free shipping code is: BESTNATURALDEO and is good until June 5, 2015!! You can find all Blissoma products at where they also offer amazing skincare options and aromatherapy candles as well!! Hope you are all having an amazing week free birds!!

NATURAL DEODORANT SCENTLESS STICK INGREDIENTS: Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), Helianthus annuus (sunflower) Oil*, Mangifera indica (mango) Butter, Diatomaceous Earth, Bentonite, Maranta arundinacea (Arrowroot) powder*, Zinc Oxide, Ricinus communis (Castor) Oil*, Euphorbia cerifera (candelilla) wax, Cocos nucifera (coconut) Oil*
*from Certified Organic Agriculture



So a couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of doing the makeup for my sister’s SoCal boho-esque wedding and may I just say I have been obsessing over the look I gave her ever since!! Her wedding fell on a warm summer (in October-blah) evening and there were so many gold and earthy tones coming from the sky and cascading through the palm tress that I knew I was going gold with her makeup! In her everyday routine my sister has a natural, earthy beauty so she wasn’t so comfortable with a “caked-on” makeup look which isn’t my style anyways, and it came together perfectly. I have received quite a bit of emails about the pictures I posted on my Instagram (@freelovebeauty) about this very look so I thought I would do a breakdown of the products I used to achieve it!

FACE: To prep the bride’s skin I used Blissoma’s Smooth A Serum which isn’t overly oily but still gives hydration. For full coverage that still allows the skin to breathe I used Beautycounter’s Tint Skin and built the coverage up with a blending sponge. To conceal I used RMS Beauty Un-cover up for underneath the eyes and 100% Pure long last concealer for any redness and blemishes. For events like weddings I like to keep the skin super-matte then highlight where I want a little glow, for professional pictures you do not want overly shiny skin!! So my absolute favorite powder to mattify the skin is RMS Un-powder because it actually keeps you matte all night long-it’s pure magic!! To keep with the golden tones I decided to only use bronzer and no blush. I used Jane Iredale “Bronze 2” to give her that classic California sun-kissed glow! To highlight I used Alima Pure “Glow” Pearluster eyeshadow which is  a m a z i n g, seriously THE best highlighter ever!! I gave all the high points of her face some highlight love so she would glow in all the right places when the sun hit her face just right, and it was perfect!! To set everything into place I like to use Jane Iredale’s Balance Hydration Spray, which is truly a must for weddings or any big event. Remember you MUST set that makeup in place guys!!

EYES: Ahhhhh my favorite part always!! The key to good eye makeup is to prime and I like Jane Iredale Lid Primer. Then I took Kjaer Weis eyeshadow in “Magnetic”, a gorgeous earthy brown with slight gold shimmer and swept it through the crease and smudged underneath the eyes, then blend, blend, blend!! The key to this look came in the next step when I took Jane Iredale 24 Karat Dust in “gold”, applied it wet and foiled it on her lids so it came off super metallic!! Since this dust is SO finely milled it doesn’t come off gaudy in any way, it’s an elegant sparkle that everyone always loves-promise!! I then highlighted the eyes with Alima Pure’s “Glow” again on the brow bone and inner corners. For weddings I always use a gel eyeliner because they don’t run if the bride cries which is super important! Jane Iredale makes a great jet black eyeliner that I love and stays put!! I also lined her waterline with Antonym’s black noir eyeliner which is the blackest black and the best of the best!! Always top it off with some lashes when your getting professional pictures taken!! Lastly, I coated all of her already long lashes with Antonym’s Lola Lash!

LIPS: My sister wanted NUDE lips so I went very nude because what the bride wants, she gets! I prepped her lips with RMS balm so there weren’t any cracks or dryness visible. I then lined and filled her lips in with Jane Iredale “Spice” lipliner and filled in with Honest Beauty truly kissable lip crayon in “Honey Kiss”.

This look is one of my favorites I have ever done because although it gave such a wow-factor, it was simply beautiful, just like my sister which is why I love it so! A few months before the wedding we focused on getting her skin balanced and prepped by doing bi-weekly aztec clay healing masks and keeping that skin hydrated! Boy did those small things make such a difference come wedding day, her skin was a soft and smooth canvas for me to work on! If you have an upcoming wedding or event in the SoCal area please CONTACT me with any questions or inquiries regarding my services!! All of the beautiful pictures taken above are by, who I urge you to check out if you are in need of an amazing photographer!

***You can find Jane Iredale, Antonym Cosmetics, and Kjaer Weis at Find Alima Pure, RMS Beauty at Shop all Beautycounter products at Blissoma at, and Honest Beauty at


So over the past couple of months I have gotten a ton of emails with questions from readers inquiring about my favorite face oils/serums that will clear up skin woes and bring back the glow. This is by FAR the most common question I get as an esthetician, everyone wants that magical potion that will do it all. So I thought I would do a quick little rundown of my top, absolute go-to, nontoxic skin clearing products that have done some serious damage control on my skin, and the skin types I think they may work the best for! When I go through my emails the underlying trend I notice is that many are still wary or undecided when choosing a nontoxic skincare product and I totally get it. I mean, before embarking on my green beauty journey the only products I thought would clear my skin were one’s filled with chemicals because what other options did I have?! Well there are some absolutely amazing nontoxic options out there now and it makes my heart happy to be able to help clear up skin woes and steer your skin in the cleanest and greenest direction!!


Kypris Clearing Serum: This gem was the first EVER nontoxic skincare product I tried and my love for it was immediate. My skin at the time was in desperate need of something to bring it back to life. My skin was congested, dull and the most broken out it had been since I was pregnant! I started to panic because nothing was working, until I did some major research and came across some stellar reviews of this baby, but Kypris was relatively up and coming at that time so I was skeptical. Nevertheless I was desperate so I immediately ordered it and the results were so fast I was crying happy tears within the first few days (no joke!). What I love and appreciate about Kypris is that they use 30 active natural ingredients with quite different ingredients you don’t commonly hear of such as chaparral which is a desert shrub that is commonly used a an herbal aid and lilac leaf stem cells which benefit break out prone skin or skin recovering from break outs. This serum is the real deal; it is crafted (literally a work of art) to tame inflammation, aid healing and balance even the most stubborn skin. If you have acne prone, aging/acne prone, combination and sensitive skin this serum is for you. The milky texture is light and fresh on the skin and gentle enough to use twice a day, which is exactly what I did after cleansing and toning. It also wears well beneath makeup. Retail: $62

True Nature Botanicals Pacific Balancing Face Oil: I will keep this rather short since I have mentioned this little love a million trillion times over the past few months, but it is true perfection. An absolute nontoxic, acne fighting, luxurious little work of art. After I finished my bottle of Kypris this is what I moved onto because I like to try new things to review for you guys but also because I wanted something that was going to boost up the age fighting process as well. Not only is this face oil packed with luxurious  anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial oils to fight acne, but it also has potent marine antioxidants that replenish the top layers in aging skin! I mean, this baby was the answer to my prayers, a nontoxic acne product that also slows signs in aging?! Truthfully this product delivered on every level and left me with balance, hydrated, clear, plump and healthy skin. If you have acne prone, aging, and combination skin then this gem is for you. Retail: $110

Blissoma Smooth A + Correcting Serum: This serum was a pleasant surprise to me, I ordered it on a whim after I finished the bottle of my Pacific Balancing Oil. Like I mentioned before I’m always trying new products so I can give my readers options for their skin types, so as much as I love my pacific oil, I need to try new things to review for you guys! So, like I said this gem was a pleasant surprise and it’s claim to fame is to moisturize while combating acne with powerhouse ingredients such as rose, organic coriander, fennel and yarrow which cleanses and calms pores. This isn’t going to give you that crazy hydration that a face oil provides but if you are on a budget, and you want a nontoxic acne fighting serum this is a great option!! It truly has kept my skin clear and smooth and I will probably always keep this on hand since it’s so affordable!! This gem is ideal for those with super oily and acne prone skin types. Retail: $ 25.99

So I hope these options give you all some clarity on what can help clear your skin for your specific skin type. Also keep in mind to switch things up every few months, as your skin gets used to products and becomes somewhat immune after awhile. As always I have to remind you that drinking a ton of water, green tea, keeping towels and pillowcases clean, and washing your makeup off before bed also assists in keeping the skin super clear!! Please contact me with any acne related questions or questions about these amazing products! Happy Thursday free birds!!