October 2017 archive


It’s definitely fun to get back to blogging a little bit! Most of my focus has been shifted to the business and development side of FLB so it’s refreshing to just sit down and type out my thoughts and the fun things I’ve been up to. Diane, the gorgeous mastermind behind green beauty brand Modern Minerals and I have been in touch for awhile now and have always wanted to collaborate in some way. So when we sent each other some of our own goodies we both knew we had to share with you guys how convenient and gorgeous are products are together! Below I’m showing you some eyeshadow and foundation blends but what I especially love is the convenience of our travel size options and how many looks you can create by simply having those in your makeup bag when your on the go!

I feel like I have nearly all of the Modern Minerals collection so there are so many options to show you guys of how versatile are products can be together. One of the stand out products to me was the rose and coconut infused eyeshadows in “Maya” and “Pink Sand”. Both of those shades are matte and provide you with a really great base to blend one of our illuminating oils with and make your own bronzer or blush that can also be used on lips as well! The tones I came up with are absolute perfection for fall. Below you will see that I blended “Pink Sand” with our Lovechild rose gold Illuminating oil to make a pretty berry toned blush and the results are stunning! This is the ideal shade to simply dab on your lips and cheeks for a fall glow, and did I mention the ingredients in our oils will keep your skin uber hydrated during the cooler weather months?!

Aside from all the color blends you can make with our products, one of my favorite blends is actually adding a  few drops of my Illuminating Oil with Modern Minerals loose mineral foundation powder for a dewy tinted moisturizer!! Honestly guys this has been my go-to lately as we still have such dry fire weather here in SoCal, so my face is craving hydration all day, everyday. The oil keeps my face hydrated, plump and glowy all day while the loose foundation gives me just the right amount of coverage. This is why I have the most heart eyes for loose mineral makeup babes, the possibilities are endless to what you can create and sometimes with pressed powders I feel like they just sit on top of your skin while loose powders blend in so beautifully.

I wanted to show you babes exactly how I blend them because I feel like some think its an art when truly all I do is drop one drop of oil in the bottom of the Modern Minerals foundation cap and blend with the desired amount of powder I like. I like a tad bit more coverage so I add more powder than oil, but if you prefer less coverage and more dewiness, simply add more oil! 🙂 You can blend into your skin with your fingers or a stipling brush/foundation brush. I’ve tried all methods and they all work just fine. I’ve tried SO many foundations, bb creams and tinted moisturizers guys and I truly feel like this method makes my skin look the most healthy and glowy out of everything I’ve tried before. I just think you can’t go wrong when you can customize your desired coverage and hydration and what works best for your skin type! For those of you curious my Modern Minerals foundation shade is “Medium Beach”. I go a tad darker to keep my complexion on the warmer side.

Now onto the exciting stuff! To celebrate our collaboration together and glow babes on the go, Modern Minerals and Free Love Beauty are teaming up for the absolute ultimate GIVEAWAY on Instagram!! Simply head over to the @freelovebeauty Instagram page for all the details on how to enter. But we aren’t stopping there babes, we love and appreciate all of you so much that we are BOTH offering 15% off all purchases from now until Friday, November 3rd with code WELOVEBEAUTY15. Thats right, that code can be used at http://www.modernmineralsmakeup.com AND http://www.freelovebeauty.com/shop. I absolutely adore seeing FLB products works so beautifully with other green beauty brands and us boss babes coming together to create amazing things! Have an amazing week glow babes!!!