A couple of weeks ago I finally got around to getting some shots of my illuminating potions working their magic in the California sunshine so I can give you babes a better idea of my favorite places to use them and why they blow your everyday lotion/moisturizer out of the water! 😉 I truthfully do not use ANY creams, moisturizers or lotions on my skin anymore at all. High quality oils have made my skin so healthy and youthful that there is no looking back now, and I highly recommend jumping on the bandwagon babes! Now I know that highlighters are all the rage and don’t get me wrong I developed my illuminating oils because I wanted to make something beautiful and sparkly to the eye, but the most important part of my potions are the oils I use in them. The oils I use are certified organic and serve major purposes. While they shimmer and sparkle, they also fight aging (big time), hydrate, refine, tone and restore your skin to the best it can be! Certified organic Grapeseed Oil hydrates and restores your skin while Organic Rosehip Oil is a dry oil which prevents your potion from feeling overly greasy and tones your skin as well! These oils are the power couple for my illuminating oils and your skin loves them!

Thanks to my photographer friend Maverick of @mavericksphotos on Insta (check him out!) and my bestie Cady we collected a few beautiful shots of how healthy my illuminating oils make your skin look- I always aim for a refined and wearable sparkle and glow! Pictured above is Wildchild which is a reflective turquoise sparkle and the sparkles are so fine that this potion also makes for a great primer before makeup or blending in with your favorite loose mineral foundation to make it your own dewy summery tinted moisturizer! My next post will show you exactly how to do that and the results are stunning!! As always be sure to prep your skin with a good sunscreen beforehand-super important babes!!

Above we used our warm Sunchild Illuminating oil and you can see the bronze cast it has on the skin, it’s truly THE summertime must-have beauty product! What is unique about this oil is that I use my own signature honey gold sparkle blend that not only illuminates but it also evens out the skin tone which makes for an ultra flattering result! Sunchild is still my best seller to date, it’s just so damn flattering. My mind is always working on new developments and my newest potion, Flowerchild, has been a  long time in the making. It’s my most bold and fun oil I would say and I’m so excited to finally share it with all you babes!

Flowerchild is a duo-chrome iridescent lavender gem that is just so much fun and gives so much impact when used on the cheekbones to highlight or the décolletage because the duo chrome just makes it so bold yet wearable at the same time. I’m in love with this gem and so excited to finally get it in the SHOP! Did I mention that ALL of our potions are now available in .25 oz. travel sizes so you can take your “glow on the go” with you! I’ve had so many inquiries about producing smaller sizes and I’m so happy to finally have them available for you guys. It truly is the best way to try a few different shades when your torn between which one to get and we’ve had such a great response with them! 🙂 Plus, they are just the cutest to throw in your makeup bag!!

I’m also currently working on how-to videos to show you babes my personal favorite ways to use my potions and keep you up to date on your newest releases! Ice Queen will be our newest release hopefully within the next couple of weeks and let me tell you it’s the most stunning cool-toned highlighter ever!! I’m also working on a possible limited edition oil and a super fun collaboration with Modern Minerals is right around the corner so stay tuned for that as well! I cannot thank all of you enough for all the support and love for my growing business, I put everything into making these the absolute best for you!! You can browse all of our full size and travel size potions in the SHOP now!! 🙂



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