May 2017 archive


If you have followed my blog and/or Instagram (@freelovebeauty) for awhile you know that True Botanicals is my go-to when it comes to skin care. For the past couple of years I have been a slave to their Pure Radiance Oil and more recently incorporated their Vitamin C powder and Cellular Repair Serum into the mix and my skin has never looked better. You can see my reviews of their skincare here and here. I’m also a fan of their hair care and body care products which I have mentioned here. So when True Botanicals sent me their travel set of their new travel line of hair and body products and their lotion in the new scent “Grove” I was beyond excited. True Botanicals always gets me pumped with their scents because they are completely clean and  always smell so earthy and fresh!

What I appreciate about the particular travel sizes above any others that I’ve tried is that they are super luxe and sturdy, which make them ideal for travel because they don’t leak and the sleek stainless steel packaging helps them withstand any bumpy travel conditions. Each are 2 oz. bottles of their Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner, and their Nourishing Body Wash and Lotion.  Each bottle has a tight-fitting cap on them and you can seriously just throw them in your bag if you wanted to and they will NOT leak whatsoever which is an awesome plus for me. I have used all of these up until the last drop since I bounce around for my business and love my Palm Springs getaways with my girls ;). I just really love the fact that True Botanicals has made it so easy to stay clean and green when your on the go, and in the most chic way of course! Their travel sizes run $11 each which is a steal for how long they last. If you purchase them all together at once you are set for when you are due for a getaway!!

As for the Nourishing Lotion in “Grove”? Well it’s everything I could ever want in a body lotion with the cleanest of ingredients and the earthiest of scents. Described as a “light, woodsy, citrus scent” I would have to agree because it contains sandalwood and patchouli oils which are my absolute favorites!! No joke babes, I’m a total hippie at heart and these kind of scents are my jam! The bottle is 8 Oz. and comes in their standard sleek stainless packaging and the lotion itself is ultra-creamy and keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day. One thing I’ve learned about clean lotions is that you need to take the time to rub them into your skin since they don’t have any synthetic ingredients or emulsifiers they take a minute to rub in so just keep that in mind! 🙂 This gem retails at $42, and a little goes a long way babes!

If you search “True Botanicals” on this site you will see how much I truly stand by these products as I have tried almost everything in their line and adore it all. You can also head over to to shop everything I mentioned above and check out their amazing skin care products as well! Fell free to CONTACT me with any questions about True Botanicals. Happy Wednesday green babes!