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This is a post I have been working on for awhile because there is just so much goodness and glow to share with you all! First off if you are a green beauty fanatic and haven’t come across the Root beauty brand yet, then this will be a perfect introduction because they have absolutely everything to offer the nontoxic beauty lover on every level. If you follow my blog and Instagram, you know that highlighters and illuminators and the key to my makeup-loving heart (and the base of my own Free Love Beauty brand!)and Root was so kind to send me their “Rose Glow” and “White Gold” mineral illuminators to pair with my very own oils so we can show the extreme versatility these products have to offer. When teamed up together with my oils and these stunning illuminators turn into creams that I use on my lips, as a highlight, eyeshadow and blush! I have to say I have tried almost every highlighter out there, green and not, and these illuminators are on another level ladies!! I’ve been absolutely obsessed from the moment I received them and haven’t reached for anything else since, and I’m SO excited to show you how amazing they are!!

from left to right, Root “Rose Glow” and Root “White Gold”

Root “Rose Glow”

Root “White Gold”

I was truly blown away by the Root Illuminators, and the green beauty world needs these because they are true to form glowy highlighters that pack a punch. These babies prove that you don’t need toxic ingredients to make a mean highlighter and they truly deliver the goods! They offer two loose mineral shades; “Rose Glow” and “White Gold”. White Gold was the one I reached for first being a gold lover myself and this shade rivals some of the mainstream heavy hitter highlighters out there let me tell you.  When applied on my pale, neutral skin tone it comes off as a warm, bright champagne that is ultra-flattering. No glitter chunks here but it almost has a metallic look to it which is why it brings such a warm glow to the skin. As for “Rose Glow” at first I wasn’t sure if I would love it as much as the White Gold but boy was I mistaken, as this has become one of my top favorite highlighters of all time and I have never received so many compliments on a highlighter then I have while wearing “Rose Glow”. The truly amazing thing about these illuminators are that they are extremely versatile and I mixed them with all three of my very own Organic Illuminating oils to show you exactly what all of these amazing products can do together!

Root “White Gold” mixed with Free Love Beauty “Wildchild” Oil

As you can see above I simply use the cap of the illuminators to blend the products. I take a tiny amount of the illuminator and blend it with a tiny drop of my oil of choice until its a cream like consistency. The marriage of these two products creates a high impact cream highlighter that also adds hydration to the skin and anti aging properties from the illuminating oil. I wear this blend to highlight everywhere I want a high impact champagne glow. The addition of the oil gives the skin an extra youthful glow that makes it so wearable. I like blending the “White Gold” Illuminator with my “Wildchild” and “Sunchild” potions. All of those shades really compliment each other well and bring warmth to the skin.

Root “Rose Glow” Illuminator blended with “Lovechild” Oil

Above you see the absolute stunning results I achieved when blending the “Rose Glow” Illuminator with my Lovechild Illuminating Oil which is a rose gold shade as well. This blend was my favorite and I cannot get over just how flattering the results were. This blend can be used as a highlighter, eyeshadow, blush but my absolute favorite use was as a lipstick!! This blend produced this most perfect warm, rosy nude lip I could ever hope for and it’s hydrating as well thanks to the oil! Throughout this past week I wore this blend as a monochromatic look and received endless compliments on how glowy my skin was, not to mention how many wanted to know what I was wearing on my lips and I loved telling them it was my own blend! It’s hard to find a good nude in the green beauty world so this was an exciting find for me!

Root “Rose Glow” blended with “Lovechild” Illuminating Oil on lips

All three of my Organic Illuminating Oils were absolute perfection to blend with the Root Illuminators, and the possibilities are endless with shades and tones while doing so.

The blend I’m wearing above is what I use often to highlight and thats Root “White Gold” with “Sunchild” Illuminating Oil. Sunchild is a straight bright bronze tone so it really brings out the warmth of the “White Gold”Illuminator and this blend is a MUST have for the upcoming summer months.

So if you haven’t already rushed over to Root’s website I would if I were you, they offer everything the green beauty babe could ever want and need! They have an amazing selection of high performance skincare, perfume, mineral makeup AND pressed makeup and I definitely appreciate the options! You can shop all of their goods at and they offer free shipping on orders over $75! To see more detailed swatches of each shade of my Free Love Beauty Illuminating Oils head over to my SHOP where you can see the differences! I’m also offering a discount code for all my amazing readers and customers with code SPRINGGLOW15, you will receive 15% off your order which is good until April 7, 2017.