It’s that time of year, we are starting to get the ever so slightest glimpse of fall here is SoCal, and school has officially started! Well, for my little man it doesn’t start for a couple more weeks but I am in total school shopping mode and getting everything ready for the busyness to kick in. Besides doing a crazy amount of shopping for my little dude, Landon, I’ve been trying out new morning makeup routines that are much more simplified, yet still polished. I also have my eye on a couple of products I want to swoop up that I think will boost my confidence in the early morning school mom game! lol So I’m sharing my top nontoxic makeup picks below for moms on the go who don’t want to be a total hot mess in the morning, maybe just half a hot mess! 😉


Jane Iredale Mineral Bronzers: So these are one of the products on my wish list and I’m pretty sure I’m going to swoop up “Moonglow” because it has those warm tones I love so much. But after reading my girl Taylor’s review from, I’m pretty sure I HAVE to have one. These are multi-tasking at it’s finest because you can use them as a contour, blush, highlighter and eyeshadow, which is perfect for women on the go in the morning! Just sweep and go! They have two other shades called “Sunbeam” and “Rose Dawn” that provide a more rosy finish. Retail: $44 for refill, add $18 for compact. Find at


From left to right: “Peach”, “Impulse”, and “Opaque”- hard to capture the lighter tones!


top “Peach”, left “Impulse”, right “Opaque”

Elde Cosmetics Lip & Cheek Rush: These little gems were sent to me to try out and boy am I glad that they were! These are the perfect product for a busy mama on the go! Ok, so these are sheer, very sheer but they give you a dewy glow with a hint of color that just works when you need that “I’m awake” look in the morning! I’m partial to the “Peach” shade because it’s a nude and makes your lips look oh so dewy and plump! “Opaque” is a sheer but wearable light pink shade that would work for anyone. “Impulse” is a darker, burgundy shade that is perfection for fall and shows up the most out of the three I tried. The texture has a slight stickiness to it but that is what gives the dewy effect and I like that in the morning- it works! Lip & Cheek Rush’s are “free from perfume, essential oils, toxic chemicals, parabens, phenoxyethanol!” These are the perfect choice for the minimalistic mama!! Retail: $26, find at


Bite Beauty Multi-stick: Now I know that Bite Beauty isn’t necessarily the cleanest and greenest, but it’s clean enough for me and easily accessible to women since you can buy at Sephora which I appreciate. These aren’t  officially released (August 19th is the official date) but their Instagram has me seriously swooning over these. Described as “a multistick that applies like a cream and wears like a powder for weightless color application—just apply with your finger, a brush, or a blender on the eyes, lips, and cheeks.” Being a nude lover I have my eye on “Blondie” and “Creme Caramel” and let me just say if these live up to the hype, the will be the busy mama’s dream!! I mean- lips, cheeks AND eyes?!? And you guys know I LOVE me a monochromatic look so I will be ordering these asap! Did I mention these won’t break the bank either?! Retail: $24, find at once released.



FLB Sunchild Illuminating Oil: Last but not least I had to throw in my very own Sunchild oil, simply because I actually do use this every single morning. I mix this in with my tinted moisturizer for more of a glow and also mix it in with my body lotion to give my skin a healthy sheen. I know I may be biased but I just love this potion, it’s a tasteful sparkle that just makes your skin look healthy, awake and gorgeous!! I also use Organic, unrefined Rosehip Oil in this which gives a natural glow to the skin as well, without feeling greasy! This oil is a MUST for busy mama’s that want to maintain a youthful glow! Retail: $28, find at

So I hope this roundup gives all my fellow mamas out there some hope when it’s time to hustle in the morning. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to be rocking my “mom bun” and yoga pants but hopefully at least my skin will look flawless! lol Any questions regarding skincare or the products featured please feel free to contact me! Happy end of the weekend free birds!!







  1. Makenna
    September 15, 2016 at 3:08 am (1 year ago)

    Hi! Does the sunchild oil transfer to clothes? it’s so gorgeous 🙂

  2. Free Love Beauty
    October 23, 2016 at 11:49 pm (1 year ago)

    There is always a chance of transfer due to me not using any emulsifiers in my products to ensure the nontoxic quality, but to reduce the chance of transfer simply mix the oil with your favorite lotion, moisturizer, mineral makeup etc. 🙂

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