For some reason springtime is just not my friend at all. My allergies, my skin, everything just goes haywire and it’s actually my least favorite season. Though on a positive note, Spring leads to my most favorite season ever, Summer!! And thankfully my beloved Saison Beauty sent me their entire Spring skin care line to try out and my skin has been loving it!! My favorite thing about Saison is that their develop their product lines based on the seasons, so it takes all the work out of trying to figure out an entire new skin care routine when the weather changes and your skin goes crazy like mine!! You can check out my review of their Winter skin care line here, which I really enjoyed. Saison Beauty is perfect for those wanting to detox their skincare all at once, they have everything you need and use amazing organic ingredients. Their Spring collection is built to give you a hydrated, dewy and bright complexion.


Spring Cleansing Oil: Made with a gorgeous blend of organic green tea oil and organic apricot kernel oil, this gem is the real deal when it comes to gentle but super effective cleansing! Cleaning oils may sound scary but they are the best at really getting those impurities off of the skin, without stripping the skin and making it dry. I’m pretty acne prone and this didn’t irritate my skin at all!! I apply the oil to dry skin, massage into skin, then massage more with a bit of water, then wipe off with a clean washcloth.  Retail: $45 for 1.7 fl. oz.

Spring Botanical Lotion Spray: After cleansing I mist this all over my face. Made with gorgeous botanical extracts of organic cucumber, basil, lavender and lemon balm, this spray is much more than your typical toner. I find it to hydrate a lot more and is perfect when your skin needs a mid-day boost! Did I mention their spring scent of lavender ylang-ylang is divine?! Retail: $40 for 1.7 fl. oz.

Spring Moisturizer: So I really, really love this moisturizer. They are using their organic green tea and organic apricot kernel oil blend to deliver beneficial antioxidants and minerals to the skin, I’m a huge green tea fan! This gem is super light and gives the perfect amount of hydration. It’s truly is a spring moisturizer because the texture is super lightweight, it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin but leaves you with a slight dewiness, and it also has their signature springtime scent which I like- though it may be a bit strong for those who aren’t fans of fragrance (it’s an essential oil blend). Highly recommend this for the warmer weather! Retail: $55 for 1.7 fl. oz.

Spring Cleansing Grains (not pictured): I like these type of exfoliators, I feel like it’s a quick way to exfoliate or make any cleanser an exfoliator! All you do is add some water to make a paste of your desired texture and it gently sloughs off the dead skin and leaves you feeling balanced and smooth. The gran blend is organic rice and milk, and natural clay and honey powders which make for a really gentle exfoliation. Retail: $35 for 3.52 oz.

Like I said before, if you are looking for a high quality, no-brainer, step by step nontoxic skincare routine then I highly recommend looking into Saison Beauty!! If you swoop these up now, I can easily see these formulas working well in the Summer season as well! You can shop all of these products at http://www.saisonbeauty.com and they are SO generous to offer my readers 20% off of your entire order with code FLB20, which is good through the weekend!!! Feel free to contact me with any skincare or Saison related questions! Happy Earth Day free birds!!



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