I decided to kick off the new year with a quick little review of a nontoxic brand I have grown quite attached to over the past few months, Green People. I would call Green People The Honest Company of the UK- they offer organic skincare, makeup, hair care, sun care, body care as well as baby products. The line is pretty extensive and has a lot to offer anyone looking to detoxify their household. I was thrilled and intrigued when they sent me some baby body care, hair care and skincare and I dove right in! Green People is the UK’s most loved organic skincare brand, and the have officially launched in the U.S. “Green People takes care to make sure that their products are safe and nurturing for even the most sensitive skin. We sell a range of products suitable for all skin and hair types, even the most sensitive or reactive. We have organic credentials from the leading European certification bodies including The Soil Association, Organic Food Federation and Ecocert as well as being registered with the Vegan and Vegetarian Societies.” So what did I think about these UK goodies? Find out below!


Quinoa & Artichoke Shampoo & Conditioner: Now when it comes to hair care I am quite the critic and very hard to please mainly because nontoxic hair care always seems to leave my hair feeling coated and filmy (aside from my beloved True Nature Botanicals). And I know this combination sounds like something your would find on your dinner plate instead of your shampoo bottles but trust me, this does your hair good just as it does your body good!! The scent is not offensive at all but rather fresh and earthy which I personally love. The quinoa protein in this not only nourishes but increases shine and it REALLY does!! The conditioner is light and doesn’t make my hair feel heavy after I rinse it out but leaves my hair soft to my liking. I really, really liked this hair care combo and feel that it’s a great price for how clean and effective they are. The ingredients in these are super clean- no parabens, SLS, pthlalates, or synthetic fragrances. Retail: $26.50 for 200ml (smaller size offered at $17.50 for 100ml)

Organic Children Bath and Shower Berry Smoothie: Now I think this may have been my favorite of the bunch simply because I truly appreciate nontoxic products that really perform on my kids!! I also appreciate the fact that they have a baby AND a children’s line so you can differentiate for each kid and what they need! I use this gem on my four year old son and he loves the sweet berry scent (not synthetic) and I love how it lathers up! Before every shower he always asks me, “mom can I use the smoothie soap?”. Needless to say if a soap is making an impression on my four year old, that means it’s a good one. It’s a gel consistency which results in squeaky clean kiddos! They also sent me some samples of their baby products which I enjoyed equally. Retail: $16.00 for 200 ml

Fruitful Nights Night Cream: With winter in full effect here in SoCal makes for super dry, flaky skin that requires a lot of extra love and attention, and this gem did the job! I paired this with my True Nature Botanicals Facial Oil for my nighttime routine and my skin was immediately rehydrated. Compromised of organic rosehip, fruit extracts and hibiscus, this thick cream is suitable for all skin types but I would not recommend it for sensitive skin. It is made to soften blemishes and diminish fine lines and wrinkles. I used this sparingly at night and woke up with rather soft skin and was quite satisfied! For those of you with aging, dry skin this is for YOU!! Trust me, pair this with a face oil and your skin will be set for the winter! Retail: $28.00 for 50 ml

I love seeing these amazing brands from overseas make their was over to the U.S. for us to enjoy and it just gives us more amazing nontoxic options for our family which I definitely appreciate! But what I like the most is how affordable these products are, they make it easy for you to go green! Head over to http://www.greenpeoplus.com to browse the products featured above plus everything else they have to offer. Happy Wednesday and New Year free birds!!




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