December 2015 archive


Now that the holidays are in full swing I figured this would be the perfect time to share my favorite de-stresser and something that will make the absolute perfect nontoxic gift this season for your loved ones!! True Nature Botanicals has become one of my favorite, go-to brands for my skincare needs, but they have recently come out with haircare which I love and these amazing dead sea bath salts that have taught me how to relax all over again!! I mean it guys I am in LOVE with these bath salts, they are sooooo luxurious and the non-synthetic scents offer you a nontoxic, tranquil and dreamy bath experience!! I really hate to admit it but until TN Botanicals sent me these little gems a bath was the furthest thing from my mind! My life consists of a shower when I can squeeze it in between kids, work, play dates, nap times, dinner, etc. lol, so sad but true and hey it’s that #momlife right?! You guys these scents are so intoxicating it’s hard to believe they are coming from natural essential oils that are actually benefiting your skin, but they are!!


So what makes these bath salts so special? Why are they a better option then any other bath salt you see pretty much everywhere? Well let me tell you…These salts are pure, raw and untreated unlike many common bath salts you see. There are zero toxins and no synthetic fragrances. These certified dead sea salts are harvested from the Southern end of the Dead Sea, where the mineral content of the water is the highest. These salts contain 21 essential minerals including magnesium, calcium and zinc to name a few and they moisturize, detoxify and enhance relaxation of the body.

There are three scents offered and I chose “Bliss” which is a lovely combination of rose, rose geranium and sandalwood essential oils. Rose is known to calm the spirit, rose geranium relieves tension and sandalwood (my all-time favorite scent) ¬†calms with a sweet, rich, woody aroma. They also offer “Tranquility” which has chamomile, lavender, and jasmine and “Vitality” which has bergamot, neroli and ylang ylang. I am absolutely in love with my “Bliss” scent and it truly feels like a real deal nontoxic spa when you use these in a steamy bath. Make sure you take the time to soak so your body can absorb the goodness and give those salts time to detoxify your body with those essential minerals!! I like to dry brush beforehand which means extra detoxification!! Did I mention that these would be an amazing holiday gift?! I mean what is better than a gift that promotes relaxation, is completely nontoxic and under $50?! It’s seriously a no brainer guys!! Like I mentioned before, True Nature Botanicals offers amazing skincare, haircare and nontoxic solid scents which would also make great gifts this season! You can browse it all at Retail: $48 for 13.5 oz.