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So a couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of doing the makeup for my sister’s SoCal boho-esque wedding and may I just say I have been obsessing over the look I gave her ever since!! Her wedding fell on a warm summer (in October-blah) evening and there were so many gold and earthy tones coming from the sky and cascading through the palm tress that I knew I was going gold with her makeup! In her everyday routine my sister has a natural, earthy beauty so she wasn’t so comfortable with a “caked-on” makeup look which isn’t my style anyways, and it came together perfectly. I have received quite a bit of emails about the pictures I posted on my Instagram (@freelovebeauty) about this very look so I thought I would do a breakdown of the products I used to achieve it!

FACE: To prep the bride’s skin I used Blissoma’s Smooth A Serum which isn’t overly oily but still gives hydration. For full coverage that still allows the skin to breathe I used Beautycounter’s Tint Skin and built the coverage up with a blending sponge. To conceal I used RMS Beauty Un-cover up for underneath the eyes and 100% Pure long last concealer for any redness and blemishes. For events like weddings I like to keep the skin super-matte then highlight where I want a little glow, for professional pictures you do not want overly shiny skin!! So my absolute favorite powder to mattify the skin is RMS Un-powder because it actually keeps you matte all night long-it’s pure magic!! To keep with the golden tones I decided to only use bronzer and no blush. I used Jane Iredale “Bronze 2” to give her that classic California sun-kissed glow! To highlight I used Alima Pure “Glow” Pearluster eyeshadow which is  a m a z i n g, seriously THE best highlighter ever!! I gave all the high points of her face some highlight love so she would glow in all the right places when the sun hit her face just right, and it was perfect!! To set everything into place I like to use Jane Iredale’s Balance Hydration Spray, which is truly a must for weddings or any big event. Remember you MUST set that makeup in place guys!!

EYES: Ahhhhh my favorite part always!! The key to good eye makeup is to prime and I like Jane Iredale Lid Primer. Then I took Kjaer Weis eyeshadow in “Magnetic”, a gorgeous earthy brown with slight gold shimmer and swept it through the crease and smudged underneath the eyes, then blend, blend, blend!! The key to this look came in the next step when I took Jane Iredale 24 Karat Dust in “gold”, applied it wet and foiled it on her lids so it came off super metallic!! Since this dust is SO finely milled it doesn’t come off gaudy in any way, it’s an elegant sparkle that everyone always loves-promise!! I then highlighted the eyes with Alima Pure’s “Glow” again on the brow bone and inner corners. For weddings I always use a gel eyeliner because they don’t run if the bride cries which is super important! Jane Iredale makes a great jet black eyeliner that I love and stays put!! I also lined her waterline with Antonym’s black noir eyeliner which is the blackest black and the best of the best!! Always top it off with some lashes when your getting professional pictures taken!! Lastly, I coated all of her already long lashes with Antonym’s Lola Lash!

LIPS: My sister wanted NUDE lips so I went very nude because what the bride wants, she gets! I prepped her lips with RMS balm so there weren’t any cracks or dryness visible. I then lined and filled her lips in with Jane Iredale “Spice” lipliner and filled in with Honest Beauty truly kissable lip crayon in “Honey Kiss”.

This look is one of my favorites I have ever done because although it gave such a wow-factor, it was simply beautiful, just like my sister which is why I love it so! A few months before the wedding we focused on getting her skin balanced and prepped by doing bi-weekly aztec clay healing masks and keeping that skin hydrated! Boy did those small things make such a difference come wedding day, her skin was a soft and smooth canvas for me to work on! If you have an upcoming wedding or event in the SoCal area please CONTACT me with any questions or inquiries regarding my services!! All of the beautiful pictures taken above are by http://www.megankuethen.com, who I urge you to check out if you are in need of an amazing photographer!

***You can find Jane Iredale, Antonym Cosmetics, and Kjaer Weis at http://www.citrinebeauty.com. Find Alima Pure, RMS Beauty at http://www.thedetoxmarket.com. Shop all Beautycounter products at http://www.beautycounter.com. Blissoma at http://www.blissoma.com, and Honest Beauty at http://www.honestbeauty.com.


So over the past couple of months I have had the pleasure of using Brooklyn-based PLANT Apothecary products for all of my bath and body needs and lets just say I’ve been extremely spoiled. From body washes and oils to face scrubs and masks this apothecary has anything and everything you could want to detoxify and simplify your beauty routine. This brand speaks to me and my style perfectly which is another reason I have grown to love it so much. Their motto is simply put, “wake up, get it on, get happy, calm down, be well.” Did I mention those are also the names of their products, the non-synthetic scents correlate with the names-and they are all botanical perfection.

Plant Apothecary offers “all-botanical, USDA Organic beauty, grooming and bath products that are free of petroleum, parabens, paba, sodium lauryl sulfate, silicone and all other synthetic nasties.” The packaging is clean and contemporary and all the products are unisex which I LOVE!! I have never really loved overly feminine scents so I definitely appreciate that this is something me and my whole family can use without question. I can only hope that someday there will be an abundance of Plant Apothecaries across the country so when my kids need simple bath and body products they can stock up there, instead of every time you go to the mall and run across the oh so familiar, ahem ahem….well I won’t mention the name but the shop where the toxic synthetic fumes can be picked up from next door. But for now we have to settle for it’s online goodness which is just fine with me! Aside from the amazing products the most amazing thing of all is that they are made in Brooklyn, New York with the help of adults with physical and medical disabilities at the BKLYN UNLTD workshop which is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to give them work training and opportunities. I mean honestly how cool is that?! I love a brand with a mission and a purpose! So I want to share a few of the things I loved the most…


note**items pictured are samples sizes, full size products prices and product amount are included below**

Wake Up Organic Body Oil: This may be my favorite of the bunch because I’m obsessed with body oils, but it’s not the easiest to find a good one. This is a good one. So the main ingredient in this is organic rice bran oil which I haven’t tried before but it’s full of antioxidants and I’m definitely loving it. The hydration is intense yet no greasiness is left behind whatsoever. The “wake up” scent is a light lemongrass and rosemary which actually does liven the senses. I also use this on my kids and their skin is soooooo buttery soft after using it, I haven’t even bothered with lotion lately. This is a definite repurchase! This oil also comes in two other scents as well. Retail: $38 (4 oz.)

Get it On Bodywash: Well the name says it all! Lol No but all seriousness out of all the scents this one is my favorite because its more sensual and different than what you usually see with naturals scents. They use sandalwood, cedar, and ginger essential oils and the super thick honey-like texture makes for the perfect body wash or bubble bath! I think this makes for a great gift too, maybe for a bridal shower or valentines day?! This also comes in three other scents. Retail: $20 (9.5 oz)

Match Antioxidant Face Mask: This mask combines organic fair trade matcha powdered green tea with white clay and organic chamomile essential oil which makes for a powerhouse mask! This mask soothes and purifies while providing your skin with a ton of antioxidants from the high quality green tea! Simply mix the powder with a bit of water to make a paste, let dry then rinse. The result is super soft, healthy skin!! Retail: $24 (2 oz)

Sea in a Scrub Organic Body Scrub: This gem combines Brazilian sea salt, healing sea buckthorn oil, the super moisturizing pumpkin seed oil and the mineral rich sea kelp to provide a super effective and luxurious body scrub. This stuff is the real deal and exfoliates the super rough areas like your knees, elbows and heels!! This is probably one of the more effective clean body scrubs that I have used, the Brazilian sea salt is the perfect consistency for those rough spots! Again I think this would make for a great gift- everybody loves a good body scrub!! Retail: $32 (16 oz)

I really, really enjoyed trying out these amazing products because though they seem basic enough, they really truly performed! PLANT Apothecary is living proof that simple is better and their use of high quality ingredients in bath and body care is setting the bar very high in the green beauty industry. You can purchase the products I reviewed and check out the rest of the products at http://www.plantbrooklyn.com.