For a few weeks now I have had the pleasure of trying out Pacific Skincare by True Nature Botanicals newest additions to their already amazing lineup, the Soothing Face Oil and Face Serum. Prior to testing out this new routine, my skin had started freaking out on me a little bit so it was the perfect time to try new product. The weather here in SoCal has been insane lately, and it has been wreaking havoc on my skin in a big way. One week we had muggy, cooler weather followed by a week of extreme dry heat (105 to be exact!) and my skin had become extremely unbalanced, with minor breakouts and dry, red patches. Let’s just say I was starting to wonder where my beautiful skin had gone, but as soon as I started incorporating my Soothing Skincare all my problems dissipated quite quickly!! TN Botanicals created these products specifically for those with sensitive skin; with super potent soothing ingredients that will calm irritation and inflammation. I absolutely loved the way the serum and face oil worked as a team to calm and heal my skin in the most effective way, and I’m going to break down how they worked so well in my routine!!


Pacific Soothing Face Oil: TN Botanicals has knocked it out of the park with this one and my skin loves it!! The major standout ingredients for me are helichrysm and blue chamomile German oils. The helichrsym oil has been used for centuries to heal wounds and has an immediate calming effect on the skin, while blue chamomile is calming and both have potent anti-inflammatory benefits. This oil is ideal for the most sensitive of skin, those dealing with rosacea, sun exposed, aging and even acne prone because it calmed my breakouts immensely!! This is gentle enough to use twice a day and I applied this BEFORE I applied the face serum at night to hydrate my face and neck. In the morning I use an extremely small amount after cleansing to give my skin that extra glow. This oil is an absolute must-have for those with skin that need some serious calming hydration and soothing effectiveness! Retail: $110

Pacific Soothing Face Serum: So there are some huge differences between the serum and the oil and one of them is the use of Actisoothe which is a mushroom extract that reduces UV induced inflammation and irritation due to chemical and physical irritants. Calendula and Plantago extracts are also used and both are known for their soothing, cooling and emollient properties. So after cleansing, toning and applying oil to my face each night, I applied a thin layer of serum to my face and neck. This super potent combo of the oil and serum transforms my skin into a glowing, plump, calm and balanced masterpiece. Sounds dramatic I know, but the truth is this is the first serum I have used on my face in a LONG time, and I can tell the difference in a HUGE way! My skin is plumper, smoother and red patches are long gone! I definitely recommend using the serum and oil as a pair because the oil really hydrates while your serum will treat the skin, they really work beautifully together. Retail: $140

I am so excited to finally review these gems for you guys because I had a ton of comments and inquires via email and my Instagram from those dealing with these exact skin issues so I hope this steers you all in a good direction. The best thing about True Nature Botanicals is that they offer their first time buyers 10% off of their first purchase so it’s a great opportunity to give a new product a try! As always for those with any skin or product related questions please don’t hesitate to contact me! Hope you are all having an amazing week free birds!


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