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So lately I’ve really been in the mood for lattes, mochas and cappuccinos…..in the form of eyeshadows, nail polish and lipstick that is!! Yes it’s true, my entire beauty routine as of lately has consisted of pretty much the same tones that all seem to center around our beloved morning beverage, coffee. It may sound kind of strange but when I was putting on my makeup the other day, I realized that I was rocking some very beautiful coffee-nude tones all the way down to my fingernails!

If you have followed my blog for awhile now I know you know I love the monochromatic look and major multi-tasking products, but lately I have been using different shades of similar coffee tones so my final look has a little more depth then a traditional monochromatic look. The thing about these coffee-nudes is that they are SO wearable, yet give you a super polished look. I mean who knew that with a quick swipe of eyeshadow in the crease and contour on the cheeks that I would look so fierce in five minutes?! lol Anyways, I have truly fallen in love with these products and below you will get a better sense of each tone they bring to the table, and how you can use them to define your face, and nails!!

IMG_3592Aila Cosmetics “Namaste” Nail Polish: Described as a “soft mocha with a glimmer” I knew I had to make this mine since I am sucker for a good nude polish. First and foremost this is a five-free formula (free of DBT, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor and toluene), vegan, paraben free, and chip-resistant. The formula is beautiful, it covers well with two coats, isn’t runny and isn’t streaky.  I get about 5-7 day wear if I’m not scrambling through a diaper bag or clicking car seats or washing dishes too too much that week LOL. I love this soft mocha shade because it’s much bolder than your basic nude, it’s cool toned lighter brown shade with very slight shimmer (not glitter) that makes this a perfect everyday shade! Retail: $18 http://www.enkelnontoxicluxuries.com

Kjaer Weis “Dazzling” Cream Bronzer: Now I know a lot of you are thinking, “but that’s a bronze shade.” Yes but oddly enough this bronzer does not really brighten and bronze my face like I thought it would. In fact, this shade reads very cool-toned on my rather fair skin and comes off as a medium toffee shade. At first I was bummed but then I immediately tried it as a contour and fell in love! It is SO easy to contour with this shade and gives your face a subtle definition that you can wear everyday and bring in some depth! This is also great as a quick eyeshadow! Now don’t fret if you were hoping for a true kind of more warm bronze because I see this shade reading different on every skin tone, just as the Kjaer Weis highlighter does!! Retail: $56 http://www.thedetoxmarket.com

Kjaer Weis “Grace” Eyeshadow: I fell in love with this shade thanks to http://www.genuineglow.com and ordered it quickly after it was released. Described as a “light mocha color with a semi matte finish” it really is true to form. This is a cool toned taupey shadow that is perfection for defining the crease, and even smudging the lower lash line. I also love just sweeping it on the lid then piling on my liquid liner for the ultimate retro look! Pair it will a nude lip and its so gorgeous! This is a true semi matte, it has a very subtle sheen that really doesn’t show up on the eyes, and it also blends like a dream, this is a true versatile shade that everyone should have in their makeup bag!! Retail: $44 (compact) $25 (refill) http://www.thedetoxmarket.com

Ilia “Come Undone” Lip Crayon: This is another kind of nude-toffee like shade that defines my lips and gives me that perfect matte nude pout. With that being said don’t expect moisture from this because it is quite drying, so you can prep lips with a hydrating balm to help with that! These crayons also are amazing lip liners and really pair well with some lip gloss for a more understated look! Did I mention that Ilia is certified organic and full of healing oils such as rose hip, sesame, and papaya?! Retail: $24 http://www.spiritbeautylounge.com

So I hope you enjoyed my coffee themed post and just remember that nudes aren’t so boring, they are super versatile and can give you a really bold and defined look when you get creative! Hope you all had an amazing week free birds!!



Acne is something many of us deal with on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. Unfortunately acne isn’t designated for just those teenage years, adult acne is fierce and can strike at anytime and I still deal with it from time to time. I know many of you are familiar with my go-to products for keeping my skin clear (check out posts here and here for exact products) but I wanted to compile a list of things I do on a daily and weekly basis that have really reduced my breakout binges. You see I am always explaining to clients that there are many different types of breakouts and they can mean different things. We all know when we are having hormonal breakouts and if you have acne-prone skin then breakouts are nothing new BUT my tips are for the bacterial breakouts, those little tiny bumps that creep up underneath the skin that have nasty dirt and grime embedded so deep you couldn’t pick it out of you wanted to!! No but seriously don’t even try to pick, ever. Bacterial breakouts CAN be prevented and I cannot even begin to tell you how many skin consultations I have had with clients and the horror stories I hear when I ask about their routines! I kid you not, women can be gross lol, but I’m not going to throw anyone under the bus, so let’s get down to it!! Some of these tips are simple and obvious but I wanted to add them anyways just for good measure!! 🙂


Tip 1: WASH, WASH, WASH!! Alright people this seems easy but people do get lazy or tired or busy and just forget. When I say wash I mean everything! Wash your makeup brushes once a week (at least) with a gentle brush cleaner or I like this specifically for my brushes. If you use a sponge, change it out once a week! Wash your pillowcases and towels two to three times a week (or more!) with a free and clear detergent!! My favorites are The Honest Company and Seventh Generation. A gentle detergent is important, all of those synthetic fragrances and chemicals can really irritate the skin!! Dirty pillowcases and towels are the main culprits behind bacterial breakouts people!!

Tip 2: Clean your cellphone constantly!! I like to take The Honest Company Baby Wipes and wipe my phone down a couple times a day. Our cellphones are breeding grounds for bacteria and they touch our face more than anything else! It’s so simple to wipe it down quickly but it’s also easy to forget!!

Tip 3: Diet!! So I have personally found that reducing the refined sugar in my diet has significantly reduced my pesky bumps also. I used to have the hugest sweet tooth and so does my hubby, but when we decided to eat cleaner I just started making better choices to satisfy my sweet cravings. Fresh fruit is great but I find organic dark chocolate hits the spot plus it’s full of beneficial antioxidants. Reducing refined sugar is just something that I have actually seen results from with my skin, obviously more water and eating better goes hand in hand with better skin BUT I have really seen results from not so much sugar!! Worth a shot right?!

I know this was a quick post but I just wanted to throw it out there because I have been seeing so many bad habits pop up in clients that we are all guilty of from time to time. We all sometimes just need a little reminding that these extra little steps will help our skin in the long run! Hope you all are having a fantastic week, I am gearing up for my little man’s fourth birthday so I am busy busy!! As always please contact me with any skincare related questions, I love helping solve skincare woes!!