I am SO excited to finally tell you all about my new go-to, must-have Juicy Bamboo facial cleaning cloths by Kaia Naturals. This is exciting for me to share because until now I hadn’t found a completely nontoxic makeup wipe that worked for me at all. And let me just start by saying that this is not meant to JUST remove makeup, it’s a cleanser and toner as well and I love using these for all of those tasks. I have been using these cloths every night for about a month and I wanted to specifically try them for a good amount of time to see if I could tell the difference from your basic makeup “wipe”. Well the answer is yes, these high quality cloths are completely different than the standard wipe and they are changing the game in the green beauty industry in a big way. This cloth isn’t just a makeup remover, it’s doing work!

Kaia Naturals was born in the U.S. and designed in Canada. Their cloths are harvested from unbleached bamboo natural fibers (so cool!) and therefore have a lower environmental impact than a standard wipe, and they are also 100% biodegradable!! The cloths are made in small batches, saturated in vitamins B12, C and E then soaked in quality grade citrus essential oils. The absolute best part though is the amazing blend of organic honey that is heated and liquified, and these cloths soak up every bit of the benefits. Honey is what keeps the skin soft, and not the stripped feel that many wipes leave you with. These cloths also contain jojoba and sunflower oil which removes impurities yet keeping the skin hydrated and balanced at the same time.

You guys I LOVE these cloths SO much. They are extremely soft and gentle on my skin and are soaked really well with all of the necessary ingredients, there is nothing worse than a dry makeup wipe, nothing! The citrus scent is absolutely intoxicating, you can tell the essential oils used are high quality. I find myself opening the case throughout the day just to smell them, it sounds weird but you will too once you try them!! The packaging is super impressive as the cloths are kept in a small case that you can actually open and close instead of the traditional flimsy flap that ensures a dry wipe in a few days. These cloths did not dry out whatsoever on me. As a makeup remover these were gentle and removed my face and eye makeup all with just one cloth very well. As a cleanser it’s invigorating because of the scent, I highly recommend cleansing with this is the AM, the citrus scent will help wake you up!! As a toner these were gentle and leave you feeling so fresh, your skin retains it’s moisture which is key in a good toner!! The absolute best things about these cloths? They have NO PARABENS, NO ALCOHOL, NO SULFATES, NO SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCE, and NO PETROLEUM PRODUCTS!!!



So each full size Juicy Bamboo container has 30 wipes in them which retail for $15.50, and they also offer a “box to go” which has 20 individually wrapped cloths that retails for $19.50. I love the idea of individually wrapped cloths so you can travel with them or simply toss them in your bag for after the gym or even just a mid-day refresh!! Now for the really exciting news, Kaia Naturals has so generously decided to provide one of my lucky readers with a one month supply (full size box) of juicy bamboo cloths!! The ***GIVEAWAY*** will be from today until Friday, June 26th and only available to U.S. and Canadian residents this time around. A huge THANK YOU to Kaia Naturals for offering this giveaway and I’m so excited to see what one of my reader’s thinks about these gems!! You can find all Juicy Bamboo products on http://www.kaianaturals.com.

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