If you happen to follow my Instagram (@freelovebeauty) then you know I had an amazing Coachella adventure this past weekend!! I thought it would be fun to recap my trip and share some of the highlights and tips based on my experience!

First and foremost I have to point out that I didn’t take a ton of pictures of my outfits because that isn’t really what it’s about for me, I’m one of those people who actually go for the music, well and maybe the food! lol Don’t get me wrong, Coachella fashion can be amazing and I was rocking crop tops and tons of fringe, but I also do that in my regular everyday life so that was nothing new for me, haha! Anyways on day 1 I was pretty glam with lots of jewels, glitter on my eyes and my hair tousled just right, BUT on day 2 I wore ZERO makeup (that’s right, i said zero) and threw a hat on my head and called it a day! Now the reason I was super low-key on day two was because day one I was a sweaty, dusty mess and I realized the more natural I was, the more comfortable I would be, and I really was! My hubby told me on day two I looked like a real hippie should, natural and free. So that would be my first TIP free birds, don’t try so hard, wear something you are comfortable in and let your bare skin soak in the desert air!!

My next little slice of advice is to keep your weekend balanced! You don’t have to spend every single waking minute at the festival, the desert is a vacation in itself and my husband and I also spent quite a bit of time by the pool just relaxing!! Remember the desert is hot and it can take a toll on you by the end of the day, so the hub and I headed out to the festival in the afternoon which was perfect timing for the acts we wanted to see and it was starting to cool down a bit! So my next TIP is to not overwhelm yourself, if you are tired-relax, if you are hungry-eat, if you want to lay by the pool-do it!!

My absolute favorite part about Coachella was Jack White performing. He is one of my favorite musicians of all time so it was a major treat for us to watch his two-hour non-stop performance. For me it felt like I was witnessing a legend perform, perhaps the same way my Dad felt about Led Zeppelin when he was my age. Like I said before, these festivals really are all about the music so my last TIP is to just make sure you appreciate and take in everything around you. My best memory of the entire trip was grubbing on these hand cut french fries covered in BBQ pulled pork then smothered with this insane homemade cheese sauce (sorry no clean diet for me here!) with my hubby, sitting on the grass getting ready for Jack to come out and play!! Which brings me to my last TIP, make time to eat lots of food, because everything there is SO good!!





As you guys can see, our trip was full of sunshine, palm trees, amazing music and gorgeous sunsets. I highly recommend experiencing a big music festival at some point and if you aren’t a SoCal native like me, don’t fret because there plenty of festivals sweeping across the country that are becoming really big such as Sasquatch, Governor’s Ball, Sweet Life, SxSW, Outside Lands, Bonnaroo and many more!! Check out http://www.musicfestivaljunkies.com to find a festival near you!! Peace and love always free birds!


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