I am SO thrilled to finally share this review with you all!! I have had a lot of questions and readers inquiring about this skincare line I’ve been raving about on my Instagram so I know you all have been waiting ever so patiently for this! It all started when I read the amazing review about Pacific by True Nature Botanicals by the lovely Jessica at and I discovered that we had very similar skin types after reading about her skin woes and battles. I too have been on the forever search for a nontoxic skincare product that will fight the aging process but also treat my minor acne issues I still battle at 29 years old. After I had my daughter and the stresses of dealing with my son’s illness, my skin has never been the same. I of course have found amazing products along the way that have improved my skin immensely, but definitely not an all in one treatment in the form of a face oil. Now I sit here after using the Pacific Balancing Face Oil for about 3 weeks now and my skin is smooth, balanced, hydrated and pimple free (no joke, not one pimple on my face). Before I breakdown my routine and the products, let me give you a quick background on this California-made brand.

The mastermind and CEO of True Nature Botanicals Is Hillary Peterson, a melanoma and thyroid cancer survivor and a product safety activist. Her main goal is to shift how people shop, and to share her knowledge about health, wellness, the environment and the importance of ingredient sourcing. And that is exactly what sets TNB apart, sourcing. TNB spares no expense when it comes to sourcing their ingredients, which is why they actually produce high impact results on your skin, and quickly. True Nature Botanical’s claim to fame is simple, “Serious luxury. Superior results. No toxins.” I was pretty much beside myself when they so graciously sent me a few of their products to try, and as an esthetician I can without a doubt say I have never in my life been this impressed with a skincare line, EVER! There, I said it, and it’s crazy because it’s just so simple. But that is what makes Pacific skincare so special, it’s simplistic luxury with the finest, safest ingredients soaking into your skin fighting off pimples and fine lines. Now let’s get to the goods and why I love them so…


Pacific Exfoliating Cleanser: I don’t think I’ve ever been addicted to a cleanser before but this one is addicting. With ingredients of chamomile powder, manuka honey and adzuki bean powder used to gently exfoliate the skin, it’s no wonder I look forward to cleansing my face! It’s a sophisticated cleanser, but polishes my skin the right way, without stripping my skin of it’s natural oils. The scent is light and earthy, which is exactly what I like. This gem is gentle enough to use twice a day, and I do just that! Retail: $48 (4oz),

Pacific Mist: Ok, I am fricken OBSESSED with this stuff!! This mist is built to seriously help fight the aging process by hydrating with a huge antioxidant boost of green/white tea and sea kelp extracts!! I literally have to stop myself from spraying my face because it feels SO good, I can actually feel the goodness seeping into my skin. This mist is going to keep your skin super hydrated, plump and healthy, which is the key to the anti aging process! Retail: $48 (4oz),

Pacific Balancing Face Oil: This is the game changer free birds. So, face oils haven’t really been my friend in the past. I mean, I definitely have my serums that I love, but a face oil is not usually part of my routine, until now. I starting using the balancing face oil about three weeks ago and by week one I wasn’t noticing much, but that was because I wasn’t using it faithfully and I was mixing it up with other things. So I switched up my routine and used ONLY the oil morning and night and just like that my skin transformed! I honestly couldn’t believe it was my own skin and this was the result of an oil!! My annoying under-the-skin bumps have disappeared and my skin is plumper, softer, smoother, brighter with an amazing healthy glow! Even my hubby noticed my clearer skin and the fact that I have been wearing less makeup because of it! If I could recommend one skincare product this would be it. The price tag may be a little high for some but remember that these ingredients are the absolute BEST you can put on your skin and a little goes quite a long way. This beauty is packed with anti-bacterial and anti-imflammatory oils of helichrysm and black cumin seed that are absolutely ideal for blemish prone skin along with hemp and pumpkin seed oils to balance sebum. The oil absorbs beautifully without any greasy residue, just a healthy glow!  Retail: $110 (1oz),

For those who are curious about my exact routine, I cleanse twice a day with the exfoliating cleanser, mist twice a day liberally all over face and neck, and then I apply the balancing face oil (4-5 drops) all over face and neck twice a day as well. The face oil wears nicely under makeup for me but lately I have been mixing a couple of drops with my tinted moisturizer or foundation and have been loving it!! I would like to give a huge thank you to Kevin of True Nature Botanicals for all the wonderful information and helpful tips. Pacific by True Nature Botanicals also offers a beautiful body oil, lip treatment, additional skincare and absolutely stunning solid perfumes that I will be getting my hands on sooner than later! Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding True Nature Botanicals or skincare related questions! Happy Monday free birds!



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