I love living in Southern California, but not for the reasons most would expect. The weather is a given and the beach is nice, but in my world nothing compares to Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley Desert. The desert is my zen place, it’s where I feel the most at peace. I love the desert so much I once lived there, and I know that is where my husband and I will end up one day again when the time is right. But until then there are always gorgeous weekend get aways and of course, Coachella.

For those unfamiliar with Coachella, it is a music festival that comes to our desert one a year and is possibly the biggest one in the country. In a couple of weeks my bare feet will be roaming the polo fields with an obligatory flower crown on my head, amazing music lifting my soul and the desert sun shining all around me. Since it is officially festival season, I thought it would be the perfect time to share what will be in my Coachella makeup bag this year. Although there are quite a few products, I have kept things relatively simple focusing on keeping my skin hydrated and protected from the sun. I will keeping my makeup light and dewy with a bronzed glow, but of course I’m going to be rocking my signature cat eye!


Suntegrity 5 in 1 Face Sunscreen: To me this is a no brainer for a music festival. A nontoxic, broad spectrum SPF 30 face sunscreen with great coverage??! I use this quite often but this is an absolute must-have for a music festival where I will be in the sun all day long! Retail: $45

RMS Beauty Un-powder: I have oily skin. So to keep it from looking too oily I like this translucent powder to keep certain parts of my face super-matte. That way, my skin will glow in all the right places!! Retail: $34

Beautycounter Rosewater Uplifting Spray: To keep my skin hydrated and refreshed throughout the day, this gorgeous spray will do the trick. Whether you like it or not, the desert sun gets to you and you will eventually need some relief (even if you don’t want to ruin your makeup) so bust out the rose water when you need it, your skin will thank you for it! Retail: $32

Beautycounter Lip Conditioner & Matte Bronzer No.1: I’m not going to have time to prime, line and gloss my lips all day long, so a good lip balm will be perfect and keep my lips hydrated and I love the BC Calendula Balm! Also, the matte bronzer will give me a simple bronzed look with a natural contour look that I LOVE wearing in the desert! Retail: $18 (Balm), $36 (Bronzer)

Leahlani Mahana Coco Infusion: This body oil is insane!! Pure tropical luxury with an intoxicating, warm coconut and vanilla scent and not to mention the golden shimmer that makes you look like a sun goddess!! This is a music festival essential to give your skin that natural desert sun glow! Retail: $24

Alima Pure “Venus” Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow: Peach, gold, pink, silver sparkles. It’s the perfect shade that works everywhere and I will be popping this on my tear ducts, cheekbones and cupids bow to keep my glow on point. It pairs perfectly with the matte bronzer and is my new favorite little gem! Retail: $12.50

Beautycounter Protect Sunscreen: This is a given. A good, nontoxic sunscreen is a MUST at a festival. Your skin will be in the sun for three straight days so make sure your are protecting with a good, nontoxic, broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen. I like this one because it blends in pretty well and isn’t too heavy or sticky! Retail: $26

Gabriel Cosmetics Zuzu Luxe “Raven” Liquid Eyeliner: My readers and followers know i’m always with a cat eye and this is my absolute favorite liquid eyeliner, and it stays ALL day!! The black is super black and the felt tip makes for a precise application. Win, win! Retail: $14.85

W3ll People Hypnotist Eyeliner: Nothing says music festival like a ton of black eyeliner and I love this nontoxic option. I line all around my eyes with this including my waterline and it has great staying power and great pigment. Retail: $18.50

Physicians Formula Organic Wear Jumbo Lash Mascara: This was an impulse purchase because I needed a mascara right away so I swooped this up at Target and I actually love it! It doesn’t flake, coats and lengthens lashes well with a rich black color. I am personally not a waterproof mascara fan but they do offer a waterproof version of this! Retail: $9.95

I hope my makeup bag is somewhat of a helpful guide to my fellow festival goers this year. I also hope it helps remind you that it’s always best to put your health first by protecting and hydrating your skin, then you can glam it up all you want! And remember: skip the heavy foundation, and hats and sunglasses are awesome when your hair is a dust pan and your makeup is melting off your face! Will any of you free birds be hitting up any festivals this year? If so, what are your festival must haves?!




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