February 2015 archive


For the past couple of weeks I have had the pleasure of treating my skin to some Jillian Wright Skin Care love, and what a treat it has been! As a fellow esthetician I always love trying a product line developed by an esthetician, I just feel like so much more care goes into ingredient selection while knowing how to make the products effective at the same time. And Jillian does just that, as her products are all natural, yet stuffed with age fighting peptides, essential oils, botanicals and vitamins to make them super potent!!

Jillian Wright has been a clinical esthetician for over two decades now and is the owner and operator of Jillian Wright Clinical Skin Spa in New York City. She has developed quite a following and for a woman who has performed over 10,000 facials in her career I can see why! Jillian’s mantra is , “that if you incorporate positive skin health habits into your lifestyle, you can have gorgeous skin at any age. It’s a team effort between the person and the skincare they are using at home.  Each ingredient should have a purpose, a task to improve, maintain and protect your skin’s health.” With that being said, below are the products I have been using and loving from Jillian!

Congested Skin Cleanser: This actually is my favorite from the bunch. Lately my skin has been breaking out more due to added stress and hormones and this cleanser has really helped balance, refine yet not dry out my skin at all!  The star ingredients for me are cranberry and pomegranate extract which together exfoliate, and are anti-flammatory and anti-bacterial, all while remaining gentle on the skin. The texture is a thick gel and is a dream when you gently rub into the skin. I HIGHLY recommend this cleanser for anyone dealing with acne on any level, this is definitely going to help neutralize and balance your skin! Retail: $38

Gentle Peptide Cleanser: This cleanser is lovely and is made for those with sensitive skin.  With a lotion-like texture I found this cleanser to be very soothing and I feel like it would be perfect for those dealing with dry skin, aging skin or those dealing with extreme redness or rosacea! As I was having such luck with my congested skin cleanser, I had  my sensitive-skinned sister try this and she can’t stop raving about it. With ingredients of olive leaf and ginko biloba extract it’s no wonder why this is so gentle and nourishing! Retail:$38

Double Surface Exfoliator: This is a super natural scrub with bamboo stem powder and holy cow does this exfoliate well!! You only need a very small amount and I used about twice a week and it left my skin extremely soft and smooth. I was actually really impressed by this product as the stem powder is rather fine so it’s an easy exfoliator to work with. I switch off between this and my Konjac sponge (which I love) but I feel this is an even better exfoliation. This a great find, and remember that exfoliating is necessary to keep blemishes at bay, ensure proper absorption of serums and moisturizers and to also prevent the aging process!! Retail: $55

Encapsulated Vitamin A Dream Cream: Ok so this cream is no joke, as the star ingredient is Indian Ginseng and boy does it pack a punch! Indian Ginseng regenerates cells stressed by external conditions, inhibits MMP activity, reinforces skin protective systems, and repairs and restructures skin barrier function. I used this only at night in conjuntion with the peptide serum and it is extremely hydrating. This is going to be a winner for those with dry skin, aging skin or even combination skin needing some balance!! Retail: $85

Mitoenergy Peptide Serum: This serum is really lightweight and I feel is a great universal serum for all skin types. It contains blackberry extract which is a rich anti-oxidant and apple stem cells which reduce wrinkle depth. It absorbs really well and I love using it along with the dream cream for added benefits! I recommend this serum for those looking for a good anti-aging serum to add to their routine, this is definitely going to give you an amazing healthy glow! Retail: $115

All of Jillian’s products are chemical-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, pthlalate-free, and made with organic ingredients and natural botanicals. I have really enjoyed Jillian’s products and I appreciate that it’s a no fuss line that actually ensures results in an all natural way. And next time I’m in New York, one of my first stops is going to be her spa for some all natural pampering! You can find Jillian Wright Skincare at http://www.vibesapothecary.com Also a huge thank you to Vibe herself, the owner of Vibe’s Apothecary for sending me these lovely products to review! Vibe is a beautiful soul and extremely passionate about the indie green beauty industry, I highly recommend checking out her store and reaching out. She is so helpful, knowledgable and such a positive light!!