So I thought I would do a quick post about the eye creams I reach for most often. Last year is when I started using an eye cream faithfully to start preventing that whole aging process thing we all hear about so much. Well I’m 29 now with two little ones and I think it’s safe to say that eye cream has gone from bottom of my list to one of the most important!! It’s amazing the difference a little dab of eye cream does, and it really is imperative that you treat the most delicate area on your face with some potent and nourishing eye cream with quality ingredients! And your in luck because below is my list of my four favorite eye creams, and why you may want to think about including one in your skincare routine!

Palmetto Derma Retinol & Peptide Infused Lifting Eye Cream: My lovely friend Molly of sent me this lovely eye cream in a sweet little gift package and boy am I glad she did! The PD website describes this as a , “jar jam packed with an innovative formulation of peptides, botanical, pure plant oils, organic vitamins & minerals.” While the oils and botanicals soothe, the ocean based Retinol and fruit based Glycolic Acid firm and repair. It’s incredibly soothing, my only complaint would be is that I like my eye creams slightly thicker as this takes awhile to really blend into my skin. But once blended it is totally worth it, my eye area feels nourished and hydrated. Retail: $68

Beautycounter Anytime Eye Cream: Now this eye cream has more of the creaminess I’m looking for. Since the two base ingredients are organic coconut oil and aloe, hydration is the main thing you will get from this eye cream. I think this is a great basic eye cream for those just starting out. It doesn’t have any crazy anti-aging ingredients but it will brighten up your eye area by deeply hydrating! Retail: $32

100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream: Well the name pretty much says it all! With the interesting addition of organic coffee, this eye cream is perfection for those dealing with dark circles or not getting enough sleep, and yes it really does work. The texture is creamy, it blends nicely and the addition of rosehip oil helps with makes the eye area more youthful! You can also dab this on in the morning for an extra boost before your makeup, just let it sink in before doing so. Retail: $21

Dr. Alkaitis Organic Eye Creme: There are no words to explain my love for this eye cream. The funny thing is that I always end up with samples of this and I have so many fricken eye creams that I can  never pull the trigger on buying a full size of this, but the time will come very soon because it’s just too good!! This eye cream is ultra-thick, ultra-rich and insanely nourishing, so much that after I dab it on I can see it glisten like its gobbed on there, even though its not! It is formulated with their herbal eye renewal complex that includes wild rose buds, linden blossoms, mate and green tea. I know this eye cream is a must have for VS supermodels and I can see why, it’s the real deal and if I had to pick a favorite from my list this would be it! Retail: $65

I hope this give helps you navigate the eye cream world and helps you figure out what will work for YOU, based on your age, wants, needs, etc. Hope you all have a wonderful week free birds with lots of good vibes!! Xx-Lauren


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