Ok beauties, this has been something I have really wanted to do since I started this blog, and that is do a monthly skin analysis for you all.  I am hoping to eventually cover all skin types and address many skin concerns and questions you have regarding your own skin.  As an esthetician and green beauty advocate it is my mission to help you all achieve beautiful, balanced, radiant and healthy skin using all natural and nontoxic products! The beautiful brunette beauty pictured below is my long time friend Alicia, and she came to me in search of some new green beauty products in hopes of eventually detoxifying her entire beauty routine (another convert beauties, yay!). Of course I was delighted to help and went over a healthy skin care routine with her and also had some fun doing her makeup for her (she’s so gorgeous it was  the easiest makeup application ever!).  First off, after giving Alicia’s skin an analysis I determined her skin was normal; I mean this girl has NO blemishes, NO dryness, NO oilyness, NO signs of aging (totally jealous).  She probably has the most beautiful skin I’v ever seen with these amazing freckles peeping through. So, the routine I have suggested below are for those with a NORMAL skin type. Alicia is 29 years old so I wanted to throw in a couple of age preventative things because you can never start too early ladies!!

Night Routine

Step 1,REMOVE: I love RMS raw coconut cream to remove makeup. Apply a small amount to skin and gently remove with a soft cloth. Since this is organic coconut oil, I think it’s a perfect makeup remover for normal skin. Retail: $18 (2.5 oz) $42 (8oz).

Step 2, CLEANSE & EXFOLIATE: This Konjac Puff Facial Sponge is my new obsession. You don’t even need a cleanser with these because each one contains something beneficial in them already! The Konjac Sponge is made with 100% top quality food grade Konjac plant root. This plant root balances the acidity of the skins impurities and oils. It stimulates the blood flow and growth of new cells. Dare I say you may not need a clarisonic anymore with this gem of a sponge?! For normal skin, I recommend the green clay sponge. Retail: $11

Step 3, TREAT: If you have normal skin and get an occasional pimple here and there, I recommend the Indie Lee Blemish Stick to keep them at bay. Alicia did not have blemishes so she doesn’t need to treat with anything else (lucky girl)! Retail: $31

Step 4, HYDRATE: Alicia is still young but we can never start the age preventing process early enough right?! To keep the process gentle, yet effective I recommend Indie Lee’s Squalene Facial Oil, it improves elasticity, radiance and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines. You may use this is conjunction with a night cream during the winter months for extra hydration but this hydrates extremely well on it’s own as well, without leaving an oily residue whatsoever!! Gently work into face and neck, a little goes a long way! Retail: $35

Step 5, EYES: Again, don’t neglect your eyes, even at this age!! I think Beautycounter Any Time Eye Cream is a perfect choice for just starting out with an eye cream! It’s super gentle and full of aloe and coconut oil to really hydrate the eye area! Retail: $32

Day Routine

Step 1, CLEANSE: For morning keep it simple, splash your face with cool water to wake you up and get that blood flowing! I actually like to rub an ice cube all over my face, it tightens & brightens!! Then gently cleanse with Beautycounter Cream Cleanser. Retail: $24

Step 2, TONE: For normal skin you don’t really need anything too strong to tone, which is why I like Beautycounter Rosewater Uplifting Spray. Spray all over face after cleansing then give it time to soak in. This is going to make your skin look healthy and refreshed! Retail: $32

Step 3, HYDRATE: You can use the Indie Lee Squalene Facial Oil during the day too which is another reason I love it so much! It is extremely wearable under makeup and gives you a from within glow that I love! Remeber, a little goes a long way. Retail: $35

Step 4, PROTECT: Not only is sunscreen imperative to keep you looking younger and preventing skin cancer, but  a nontoxic sunscreen is even more imperative for doing the job and keeping those toxins out!! The Suntegrity Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen & Primer, Broad Spectrum SPF 30 is an amazing nontoxic all in one that protects you from the sun and preps your skin for makeup. AMAZING! Apply this on face and neck to prep skin for makeup! Retail: $45

Weekly: Once a week it’s imperative that you treat your skin to a nice mask to deep clean and restore your skin. My new favorite is the Leahlani Skincare Mermaid Mask. This mask is literally a superfood for your skin, full of Hawaiian raw honey, spirulina, chorella, sea buckthorn and more! Use this green gooey magic twice a week for about 5 minutes and your skin will thank you for it! Retail: $22

Ok beauties I hope you enjoyed my first on the blog skin analysis, I will try to do one once a month to address more skin related questions and concerns!!

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