This is a post that I am especially excited about. Molly is the face behind one of my personal favorite green lifestyle/beauty blogs Maison Pur, and we have teamed up to interview each other! We are hoping that through our interviews, you can get to know us a little better as wives, mothers, bloggers and green beauty advocates! Molly has become a fast friend of mine via Instagram and email, I feel like we just connected instantly (our hubby’s find it funny how you can have such good friends on social media). We also support each other, our blogs and what we stand for. We hope you enjoy our interview fun, most of it is green living/blog related, but we answer a few fun questions at the end! 🙂

FREE LOVE BEAUTY: What made you decide to go green in your household?

MAISON PUR: Ok, here’s the long version: When I was 18, I lived in Africa for a bit and contracted Malaria. Since the treatment is basically poison, it was a long road to feel like myself again and get well. I really became aware of nutrition and the toxic crap in our food. I began avoiding processed foods and trying to eat organic whole foods instead. I thought I was living a pretty healthy lifestyle and doing a good job of avoiding the bad stuff by eating clean. It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my first child that I learned the truth about what was in all of the products and cosmetics I was using, along with all the toxins in our household stuff. Then mild panic may have set in :). I went into a frenzy to try to clean out our house! I’ve been dedicated to keeping our home pure ever since.

FREE LOVE BEAUTY:  How many kiddos do you have? Ages and names?

MAISON PUR: I have 2 kids- Carson just turned 4 and Annabelle is 1 1/2.

FREE LOVE BEAUTY:  How did you come to the name of your blog?

MAISON PUR: Maison Pur is French for Pure Home. It’s a nod to my love of all things French but also a horrible choice for a blog name! No one can ever remember it and unless you speak French you would have no idea what my blog is about.

FREE LOVE BEAUTY: What type of impact are you looking to have from your blog?

MAISON PUR: If nothing else, I see my blog as a place to educate and advocate for a non-toxic lifestyle. I’m passionate about sharing the truth about what’s in our products, but I also love showing that ditching your toxic products doesn’t mean you have to go super crunchy with dirty hair and smelly pits. I’m definitely not a hippie! I expect my products to keep me looking and smelling fabulous, and not to be adding toxic crap to my body.

FREE LOVE BEAUTY:  What is you favorite green beauty product (this one will be tough!)?

MAISON PUR: Like asking me to choose a favorite child!! I would have to say my Suntegrity 5-in-1 because it’s one of the only products I use everyday. I play around and rotate most everything else.

FREE LOVE BEAUTY: What do you suggest for those trying to make the switch to a green lifestyle?

MAISON PUR: I usually say to start with the things that cover the most surface area, like body lotions and things with a lot of fragrance (ditch the perfume ASAP). But most other products are easier to switch as they run out. Otherwise, it can be costly and you may not end up with products you love when you rush to buy replacements.

FREE LOVE BEAUTY: What are your top 5 favorite bands/music artist?

MAISON PUR: So hard to narrow it down! I’d say Mineral, Braid, David Bazan, Ben Folds, and Smashing Pumpkins. Lot’s you may never have heard of but I’m a 90’s emo girl at heart.

FREE LOVE BEAUTY:  Absolute favorite food?

MAISON PUR: I love a lot of ethnic food but if frequency counts, my most favorite food is Chipotle. Specifically, their vegetarian burrito bowl with lot’s of Guac. I have that at least twice a week!

FREE LOVE BEAUTY:  If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

MAISON PUR: Ahh! Another tough question and one my husband and I talk about a lot! We’ve both lived abroad so we often talk about moving abroad again, maybe to Spain or France (mostly after too much wine). We also talk about NYC or Boston, but at the end of the day, our kids are little and all of our family is here, so for now Charlotte is our perfect place.

FREE LOVE BEAUTY: Favorite nail polish shade of all time?

MAISON PUR: Right now my favorite is ‘Mr. Pookies’ by Aila. I love a dark, moody polish!

I had SO much fun with this! Isn’t Molly awesome?! I have had so much fun getting to know her! If you want to get to know me a little better too, check out my interview with Molly on the fabulous


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