This post is one that means quite a lot to me in that I truly hope I can help you guys solve, or help, that dreaded skin problem we almost always encounter at some point in our life, ACNE. I grew up dealing with acne in my teens. I have been on prescriptions for it, tried countless expensive department store products, ordered products I saw on TV, you name it! Long story short, my skin just never felt balanced, or healthy. After Esthetician school I really started to become more aware about ingredients and what a healthy skin routine consisted of. But it wasn’t until most recently after I had my daughter that my skin went crazy on me with awful hormonal acne breakouts, and I knew I wanted to go all natural, organic, and GREEN with my routine! I have a handful of friends and relatives who question how effective an all natural regime can be and the most common question I get is , “but how are oils going to help my skin, don’t oils cause breakouts?” Well I am here to tell you first hand that oils are GOOD, very good for your skin BUT you have to find the right ones that work for you which can be daunting at first but it’s worth it!! The second thing I have to stress to you is you have to let your skin DETOX the bad to let in the good!! Once I established what skin routine I was going to use, I stuck with it and my skin went a bit crazy for a month then like magic, the detox was over and I now have clear, smooth, balanced, healthy and radiant skin!!! I cannot stress this enough guys, give the products time to work- it’s so important!! Below are the products that have completely transformed my skin to the absolute best I’ve ever seen in my life!

Beautycounter Gentle Exfoliator Polishing Cream: This exfoliating cleanser is gentle enough for me to use morning and night. This cleanser is full of organic coconut oil, aloe, lavender and green tea extracts and gentle jojoba beads to exfoliate, hydrate and soothe the skin. Retail: $30.00

Beautycounter Rose Water Uplifting Spray: After I cleanse I gently pat my face dry then generously spray my face with this. Organic rose essence and purified water instantly wakes my skin up and gives me a dewy glow! Tip: I keep this in my bag so I have it as needed throughout the day when my skin needs refreshing! Retail: $32.00

Kypris Beauty Clearing Serum: Ok guys this serum is the game changer in a BIG way! Stuffed full of botanical alpha hydroxy acids, lavender & tea tree oils, willow bark extract and centella asiatica ( an extract that help’s with acne scarring and inflammation!), 25 Active Ingredients to be exact! I apply this after I cleanse and tone, a thin layer all over my face morning and night. This serum is gentle, eliminates my blemishes without drying whatsoever, and balances my skin. I honestly cannot express how much this product has saved my skin! I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone. Tip: It took my skin a good four weeks to DETOX, my skin broke out a bit at first but 6 weeks later it has never been clearer, get through the detox ladies!!

Indie Lee Blemish Stick: This baby helped me with the larger blemishes when my skin was detoxing and it got the job done! I apply this as a spot treatment morning and night and it reduces the blemish size significantly! With ingredients like zinc, witch hazel, and menthol and it being paraben, sulfate and phthalate free I have no problems adding this to my skincare routine! Retail: $28.00

Kypris Beauty Antioxidant Dew: I have done an in depth review on this product already because it truly is magical and I urge you to  check it out if this intrigues you! Bottom line, this is a antioxidant packed serum that deeply hydrates, restores strength,  and brings your skin the glow you thought you would never get! I use this morning and night as my moisturizer liberally all over my face and neck( don’t neglect the neck!). It works hand in hand with the clearing serum and the results have been amazing!

***Don’t forget ladies, drinking plenty of water, getting plenty of sleep, exercise and a good diet also contributes to clear skin! :)*** You can find Beautycounter products at, Kypris Beauty at, Indie Lee at

**Note: Please remember that not all products work for everyone since everyone has different skin types and needs. I always highly recommend getting your skin analyzed before starting a new regime to ensure the most effective results!**


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